Documentary: Cool It

Now, it doesn’t matter if you believe that global warming or climate change is something we caused or not, but I think we all can agree that we could improve how we live by going about our way of life a little differently. Sure, this documentary could go the way of “An Inconvenient Truth”, by Read more…

Sports Documentary: The Two Escobars

If you’re not from an area where soccer is referred to as football, then you probably have no idea how closely tied some drug cartels were, and maybe still are, to their local soccer teams. And while I’m sure many of you have heard the name Pablo Escobar, there was another famous Escobar in Colombia, Read more…

Documentary: 2012: Time For Change

Now, you may assume that, given the title, the information in this documentary is outdated, but I feel like they only used that title to tap into doom and gloom stigma which surrounded that year. No, 2012 wasn’t the end of the world or the start of the Armageddon, but that’s not really what this Read more…

4:20 Flick: Trailer Park Boys “Prelude to Fuckery”

The Boys announced a new movie last week and have filmed season 8 earlier this year. A fan put together all of the fuckery recorded during the filming of season 8.

Film Friday: Dallas Buyers Club

In a way, this movie reminds me of what’s going on right now with marijuana.

Video: ‘Marijuana Australiana’ Documentary

Richard Baron has been filming Marijuana Australiana for the past couple few years. He is making this doc to show the people inside and out of Australia how much impact marijuana has and could have if legalized. Much like the U.S and other countries trying to legalize, they believe it will help people in need. Also that it isn’t a hard drug and can/will be used responsible.

Film Friday: Where The Lonely Kids Go When The Bell Rings (Fan Made Kanye West Documentary)

Whether you love/hate him there’s no denying that Kanye is one of the most passionate artists out there. This fan made documentary by Swedish filmmaker James Workman follows Kanye’s journey from before The College Dropout to My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy revealing some of Kanye’s most genuine moments.

Film Friday: The Great Gatsby [1974]

Like majority of high school students in the U.S, I read The Great Gatsby. It was one of my favorite books in high school. I was lucky enough to even watch the 1974 version in class. The mysterious life he lives and the lavish parties that are thrown amazed me. As most know, Leo is starring in the newest version of The Great Gatsby that is in theaters now.

Video: Doug Benson’s Documentary ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled’ Only $4.20 On 4/20 and Doug Benson’s film The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled on 4/20 will only be $4.20. This special time offer is only for this Saturday, April 4. The movie is about going on tour to raise money to make a movie while making that movie. Are you still with me? The preview above will explain it to you.

Video: How To Roll The Perfect European Joint

Everything’s different in Europe from the currency to the commercials, so it’s no surprise our friends on the other side of the ocean have their own style of rolling.

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