Dr. Who Addresses Our Future

  [image:  The Workprint]

Parents & Kids Smoke Weed . . . Together

Judging Weed By Smell Without Combustion

Thought you might find this enlightening.  Enjoy.     Visit the Trichome Institute   [image: Trichome Institute, cannabis health — Many thanks & thinks from HMJ]

4:20 Flick: Watch Cannabis Treat Vets Suffering With PTSD

American forces have been fighting somewhere, almost continuously, since 1941. Hail Mary Jane asks why the government, who sent those soldiers into harm’s way, is reluctant to allow them to treat their all-too-common post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with the effective medicine of cannabis? Take a look. Hail Mary Jane thanks Cut.com for this video. [image: Read more…

Watch This Senator Destroy the Drug War in 4 Minutes (Video)

Shout out to Representative Earl Blumenauer for having the guts to verbally discredit the entire drug war in congress. Listen and learn something:

Watch: An Inside View of Medicine Man Denver

My homie Space Boi Fresh had the opportunity to visit Medicine Man Denver to check out their facility and interview the owners.  Watch as they check out some amazing grow rooms and top of the line cannabis processing!  Make sure to follow SpaceBoiFresh and Medicine Man!

4:20 Flick: Tupac On How To Roll A Blunt

    So yesterday was the 20 year anniversary of Tupac’s passing. The reverence for him on the west coast will live on and videos like this show exactly why. Here is a video from back in the day where he walks you through how to roll a blunt. I wonder if he had came Read more…

Video: Russell Westbrook Definitely Takes a Shot At Kevin Durant In New Commercial

This year is going to be very interesting.  I can’t wait to see the things that Russell Westbrook does this year.

Meet the “Weed Nuns”

How do you interact with the cannabis plant?  Here’s the point of view of the “Weed Nuns.”  Enjoy and unfold your thinking.   [image: mashable.com]

Reggae Shark Re-Visit

It’s hot.  Let’s go for a swim.   Another? Sure. Every superhero has an origin story. [image: youtube.com]

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