Wisdom Wednesday: Keep it clean

I was once a stoner that would clean my friends dirty bowls methodically before smoking them up. I just couldn’t stack on top of the year old crusted hole that was for my glorious bud. Now things have evolved and a few months back Smeagle my adorably grotesque Zink Glass Oil Rig had a developed a sticky situation .

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Wisdom Wednesday: Weed and ADD

I recently started working a job where my boss loathes stoners to a point where I had to explain that unbeknownst to her I was a pretty legit stoner. The unfortunate fact was that he was exposed to all of the stereotypical stoner qualities: the burnout, the uber paranoid, the unchanged couch potato and so on.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Spacebuckets…start growing today

HMJ has been spending a lot of time recently looking into growing your own cannabis. Growing cannabis like having a pet always seemed slightly intimidating, perhaps its a fear of failure or commitment. But a few months ago we heard about an out of this world do it yourself method of growing that seems to fool proof not to try.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Let me get you higher!

So a few months ago a friend of mine sent me an article and said I should look into it. The premise is simply that mangoes get you higher, faster and for LONGER! Your already wondering what I’ve been smoking right? Well you don’t smoke the mangoes for starters although I saw a comment on a forum where of course someone thought that was a great idea(reminding me of the time we thought putting sambuca in a graphix was a solid plan).

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Check out one of our favorite strains, Big Buddha Cheese from Gorilla Seed Bank. Discreet delivery and free seeds with every order.

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Mary Jane why do you taste so good?

So I have been smoking cannabis for about 13 years and full time for the last 2 when I stopped having a job that restricted this part of my life. I managed to fall into a job that led me to attending every High Times Cannabis Cup last year.  With that said  this is def […]

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Wisdom Wednesday: OG Kush the legend of Chemdog

Learn the history about OG Kush.

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Video: How To Roll The Perfect European Joint

Everything’s different in Europe from the currency to the commercials, so it’s no surprise our friends on the other side of the ocean have their own style of rolling.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Homemade Cannabis Plant Spreaders (Video)

  We are checking out a video showing the use of homemade cannabis plant spreaders to allow light to reach the lower flowers.

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pot doctor

Wisdom Wednesday: How To Talk To Your Doctor About Medicinal Cannabis (Video)

  We are checking out a video that briefly explains how to approach your primary care physician about the subject of using cannabis medicinally.

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Wisdom Wednesday: Harvesting, Drying and Curing Cannabis

Every new cannabis gardener can’t wait to taste that final product that is staring them in the face while it dangles from the stem as it dries, but waiting the proper amount of time for the ultimate level of dryness can mean the difference between sweet tasting weed and weed that taste like hay. Even […]

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