You've Got A Lot of Options with the T-Vape 2.0!
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Square Smoke T-Vape 2.0 Vaporizer Pen Video Review

If you’ve tried other dry herb vape pens before, and weren’t happy with the results, then you need to watch this!  A lot of cheaper vaporizer pens actually don’t give you a true vapor, because they’re combusting your dry herbs (which gives you smoke instead of vapor), but the T-Vape 2.0 provides you with two […]

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Giveaway: KashIt Clean Bowl Vacuum Cleaner

HMJ & KashIt Inventions have teamed up for a special giveaway just for you greenies! The prize? A KashIt Clean Bowl Vacuum Cleaner in the color of your choice!

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VapeXhale Cloud EVO – A Vaporizer for Connoisseurs
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VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer Video Review

If you haven’t heard the buzz about the VapeXhale Cloud EVO yet, then you need to watch this!  Vaporizing has become more and more popular over the years, and with that popularity came many advancements in vaporizer technology, and the Cloud EVO is definitely one of the most advanced and impressive vaporizers out there today.  So, […]

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Giveaway: The Pizza Bae T-shirt

We are giving away a brand new Pizza Bae t-shirt this week. This shirt comes from HMJ’s own MisterMaryJane and XanaxDreams. She brought her and I brought the pizza. This is what was cooked up. A lot say the pizza should be the other way. Well, we like it this way. You can check out […]

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Check out one of our favorite strains, Big Buddha Cheese from Gorilla Seed Bank. Discreet delivery and free seeds with every order.


Stay Fresh: The Fly By Tee By Fly Society

Stay fly with this Fly Society shirt taking off into the clouds. Plndr is running a Buy 1 Get 1 Fat Tuesday deal for two more days. All you have to do is use the code FATFREE when checking out.

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Stay Fresh: Fight Terror Smoke Homegrown By Lean Clothing

Fight terror by smoking homegrown marijuana. Support your local dispensary or marijuana shop. Lean Clothing has a ton of marijuana shirts for a good price.

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Stay Fresh: Purrmanent High By Burger and Friends

A lot of us try to stay permanently high all day, everyday. It’s just something that makes us feel right. Burger and Friends made a shirt to show just that, staying high permanently. is running a 60% off sale on this shirt.

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Stay Fresh: Money, Weed, Pussy Cat Beanie & Snapback By Classy Brand

For a guy, this seems to be the three most important things in life after family and friends. I added both of the hats since some of us are still in the middle of a snowbound winter.

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Stay Fresh: The Kush Tee By KLP

This is a limited edition Kush shirt from KLP. This shirt is made entire in the USA.

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Stay Fresh: The Weed Ankle Sock By *MKL Accessories

These weed socks are spectacular. Make sure you grab a pair asap. They’re only 8 bucks.

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