GroSkool:  Food & Water During Veg

GroSkool: Food & Water During Veg

Your cannabis plant is alive.  As such the plant needs a source of food and water.  Both are real important to growing those large, sticky buds we all love so much.   You must provide your plants a source of food. That can be true organic feeding as advocated by "The Rev" over at Skunk Magazine. Economically this is about as close to free as you can get and still produce top quality cannabis. The nutritional needs of your plant...

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The Last (Part of the) Lie To Die

The Last (Part of the) Lie To Die

Harry J. Anslinger used fear to craft the foundations of cannabis prohibition.  Harry J. did his work so well that some parts of his lie still resonate strongly in the days of re-legalization.  Lot's of Harry's lies have been outed -- many through the agency of medical marijuana; others through the work of Jack Herer.  It's time for one more lie to die.  The lie that successful people do not use weed.     Not just actors and ball...

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MJ’s Book Look:  Roll Up, Roll Up

MJ’s Book Look: Roll Up, Roll Up

Here's a new book on rolling -- Roll Up, Roll Up.   In the spring of 2014 Hail Mary Jane posted Wookwok’s “16 Joints I Could Never Roll.” The post has drawn good readership ever since. That’s a testament to stoner appreciation of joint rolling as art. As I started through Roll Up, Roll Up, I wondered if and how this small volume could find a way to stand out on a bookshelf packed full of “how-to’s” on rolling. Well it did stand...

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GroSkool:  Roots & Vegetative Growth

GroSkool: Roots & Vegetative Growth

With apologies to Sir Mix-A-Lot, "If you want big buds, hon, you have to grow roots, son."  If you are growing your first cannabis plant with dreams of big, stinky buds to come, this is the lesson for you.  The single most important thing the grower does to produce big buds is to grow a dense, massive root system.  This is accomplished by giving your root zone treatments with beneficial bacteria and fungi.   Every manufacturer of...

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HMJ Classics:  Heroes of Hemp — Nevil

HMJ Classics: Heroes of Hemp — Nevil

Originally one installment of a series titles Heroes of Hemp]   Because of Nevil, you have Haze. Nevil's "Hero" status is certified. If you think not, perhaps you have never met the real Haze? I stumbled into the formula that inspires this Heroes series. Personages Who have done something significant enough, cannabis-wise, to have a breeder name a strain after them, and then, have that strain become so well liked that some...

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$$$   What Should Clones Cost?   $$$

$$$ What Should Clones Cost? $$$

When the HMJ staff is sitting around solving the world's problems, one of the things we like to imagine is life in America after re-legalization.  A recent discussion concerned what clones should cost after that happy day.  Here's the premise -- our jurisdiction allows us a six plant garden.  We go to the grow store to buy six plants.  How much money do we expect to spend?  That depends on what we buy.  Let's go shopping.   We...

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