LoveStoned: Stoned Sex

Sex and getting high: Some people love it, some people just can’t. I have had both experiences. I have had weed be a total aphrodisiac for both me and my partner; and I’ve also had it be a total fail. For men it can either be Viagra or the thought of granny in her undies. […]

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Calling Bullshit on the Blow-back

Cannabis has been legalized in an entire nation, Uruguay, and sort-of set free in two states, Washington and Colorado. It’s a start but there is a lot of work left to do. Noticing things like tax revenue many places are wondering if, perhaps, they should pull head from ass on this issue. And then there’s […]

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LoveStoned: Withdrawals

  Did you know that when you are in love, your brain reacts to the presence of your beloved the same way it responds to “happy” drugs, like MDMA or Prozac? You brain floods you with dopamine and serotonin- your natural  “happy” chemicals. (Chocolate does this too).  So, when you are in the physical presence […]

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Re-Legalization Expectations

The next time you travel to work pay a little extra attention to the world passing by.  Currently, in that world, cannabis is for the most part illegal.  We stand on the cusp of that fact changing.  What is that changed world going to look like?  Tax revenue will be up. Beyond that it’ll pretty […]

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In Praise of Cannabis Tax Stamps

Here’s a simple idea to guide re-legalization.  Make the plant legal, again, and treat its’ personal and commercial use as a tax and revenue issue. Think white liquor. Maybe something like this –   If I want to grow my own at home and I don’t plan on selling my harvest, for $50 a year […]

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Weekend Funny: Mentos + Coke, Really?

I know, mentos and coke, even with the additional of nutella?  Seen that a million times.  Me, too, but have you seen this guy?   [image: Google images "marijuana, funny"]

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11 Reasons Packed Weed Is Better Than Rolled Weed

We had an article written back in 2009 about reasons why rolled weed is better than packed weed. I thought it was time to give some reasons why packed weed is better than rolled weed. Feel free to comment and let us know what you agree or disagree on.

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Canada Prepares for Comeuppance

Almost nine years ago, a gentleman named Marc Emery was charged by the US DEA with drug trafficking.  Interesting fact:  up till that time Marc had never physically been in the good old US of A.  A bit less than five years ago Marc went to prison in America.   The Canadian government could have […]

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For Something Completely Different . . . Worms!

Here’s something to amuse your mind next time you get high.  This is a link to a collection of photographs of underwater worms.  They are amazing.  Have a look:   It’s hard to decide which is the most interesting. Maybe this one? To enjoy the entire collection GO HERE. Back to cannabis news next week. […]

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Show Off Your Cannabis I.Q. in 20 Questions

Think you know a lot about cannabis?  Ah, pride.  Here’s a link to a 20 question test of your current cannabis knowledge. I found it challenging. So, HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW about cannabis? This test calls “cannabis” “marijuana.” Everyone has things to learn, I guess. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE TEST AND SEE HOW […]

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