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Counter-punching Trump on Cannabis Re-Legalization

The inauguration has passed.  Cannabis re-legalization is now in the ring with the new Trump administration.  The two circle one another.  Cannabis re-legalization never takes its’ attention off the Trump-troops.  Because this is, at least for the moment, their fight.  We can only know what to do based on what they do.  We must be… Read more »

Donald Trump Is a Win-Win for Cannabis Re-Legalization

President-elect Donald Trump will prove to be a win-win for the re-legalization of cannabis.  Regardless of what he does he will provide a faster path to full re-legalization than Hillary Clinton.  Ms. Clinton would have permitted medical cannabis and lots of research, all of which would be good.  But she was not in favor of… Read more »

A New Cannabis Science Magazine

Shout out to our friend and colleague, Patrick Thompson, who has been a writer for HMJ who is growing and grinding on the east coast. On November 26, OpenStrain released the first edition of their cannabis-science magazine. In the first edition of OpenStrain Magazine, you will learn: how to navigate the world now that cannabis… Read more »

MJ’s Book Look: Marijuana Edibles, 40 Desserts

In the profusion of books on cannabis edibles here’s a new entry:  Marijuana Edibles — 40 Easy and Delicious Cannabis-Infused Desserts, from the owners of “Laurie & MaryJane.”  The volume opens with “The Basics,” covering the expected and necessary topics like calibrating infusions, how to decarboxylate bud, the role of terpenes and making single serving… Read more »

MJ’s Book Look: Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana

The Idiot’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, by Kevin Oliver and Chadd McKeen, is the book you want to read once you decide — even if it’s “someday” —  to grow your own.  As the pace of re-legalization picks up more and more people will cross that threshold.  This book is a good first read for… Read more »

Cannabis & Trump Win: What Now?

Here’s what true at the moment: CANNABIS KEEPS WINNING Five states put rec re-legalization on the ballot. Four of those — California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — chose to legalize the use and possession of cannabis for adults, provided the state collect a tax. The fifth jurisdiction — Arizona — declined to join the future…. Read more »

Ganja Gifts: Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto

Hail Mary Jane was honored to be asked to review a new book by one-time professional wrestler, one term Governor of Minnesota, and generally “hold their feet to the fire” Jesse Ventura.  He fits in around here very comfortably. Only a few books deserve space on every cannabis aficionado’s bookshelf.   Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears… Read more »

Product Review: Utillian 720 Vaporizer


We really enjoyed using this vaporizer. If you are someone who loves vaping meds this one is the last vaporizer you will buy and even if you are new to vaping you will love this vaporizer just the same.

Product Review: Black Phantom Premium Herbal Vaporizer By Cloud Vapes

  Name/Type: Black Phantom Premium Herbal Vaporizer Website: Rating: 4/5 Overview: In our quest for a vaporizer made just for flower, we came across this awesome gadget. The Black Phantom Premium Herbal Vaporizer. Very solid and easy to use Some info from the site: The Cloud V Phantom Premium Vaporizer features an optimized heating chamber and… Read more »

About Tomorrow: Now, We Lead

Labor Day has passed.  About ten weeks to the election.  Ten weeks till nine states — four considering medical use; five considering outright re-legalization — answer ballot questions about cannabis.  It is time for a big push lasting all the way to election day.   At Hail Mary Jane we say “work to re-legalize” on… Read more »