GroSkool 2.0:  How Does Our Garden Grow?

GroSkool 2.0: How Does Our Garden Grow?

The beginners class in GroSkool grew our plants in soil.  This was as much for the convenience of the faculty and staff, as there are many other ways to grow plants.  That means there are many ways, other than soil, to grow cannabis.  One popular technique is hydroponic growing -- growing with the plant's roots suspended in nutrient-rich, highly oxygenated water.   Anything that grows in soil can be grown in a hydroponic set-up....

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Hail Mary Jane Tests the “Mota Pot”

Hail Mary Jane Tests the “Mota Pot”

A collection of food scientists at Denver’s “Extracting Innovations, LLC” have solved a problem -- the incredible mess -- that accompanies making cannabutter for edibles at home.  Plus, they have reduced this time-consuming task to ten minutes.  The mess and the time commitment is why people buy, not bake, their own edibles.     Their solution turns out to be a remarkably simple -- maybe elegant -- device called the “Mota Pot.”...

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GroSkool:  Answers the “6 Plant” Question

GroSkool: Answers the “6 Plant” Question

It's our last meeting as the inaugural freshman class of GroSkool.    Three (Colorado, Alaska, Washington, D.C.) of the five re-legalized states allow a “6 plant garden with 3 plants ‘showing flowers’ at one time.” Can a six-plant garden grow enough cannabis for the “house?” GroSkool was created to answer this question. We began by looking at two different ways to obtain our plants, either from SEED or starting from CLONES. Our...

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Marijuana is making Colorado so much money the state may have to give money back to taxpayers
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GroSkool:  Harvest Time

GroSkool: Harvest Time

The concluding chapter in the life of our plant is made up of (1) harvest, then (2) drying, then (3) curing the cannabis flowers.  Each step is important and can have great influence on the strength, potency and fragrance of the flowers.  We want to use "best practices" at each of these three steps.  This week we will be looking at "harvest."   One more time. One of the great joys of harvest is admiring the plants before they are...

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GroSkool:  Is It Time To Harvest?

GroSkool: Is It Time To Harvest?

After all the work and worry we finally reach the happy day of harvest.  But, wait -- is it time to harvest?  If this is your first grow, here's how you will know.   Regardless of which cannabinoid you seek, and I'm guessing that is THC if you are reading this column, everything you want is in just one place. The prize is in the trichomes, the glands that grow above the leaf surface on your cannabis flowers. In Vancouver,...

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