GroSkool 2.0:  Little White Hairs

GroSkool 2.0: Little White Hairs

We have turned the lights to 12 hours light / dark.  We have shifted our fertilizers from higher N to higher K.  As we begin the flowering phase we must do one more important task.  We must make sure we are only growing female plants.  If our re-legalized, 6-plant-3-in-flower garden is going to feed our house we have no room for male plants.  If we grow a clone from a known, female plant we know we will grow a female plant. Stop....

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GroSkool 2.0:  Forcing Flowering

GroSkool 2.0: Forcing Flowering

Cannabis is a photoperiod plant.  The number of hours of light and dark the plant experiences determines its' stage of life.  If grown naturally, outdoors, under the sun, the seed would sprout, daily, the number of hours of sun would lengthen, the plant grows and matures.  Then we pass the summer solstice and the days begin to grow shorter.  Winter is coming.  Our plant knows it has one job left before its' inevitable end -- make some...

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HMJ Classics:  “Blind Elders” Roll Call

HMJ Classics: “Blind Elders” Roll Call

Another installment from the "Blind Elders" series.   In a series called "Blind Elders," HMJ has been looking at all the times the truth about the cannabis plant was offered to, and refused by, those in power. Let's do a roll call:   1894, Indian Hemp Drugs Commission - "The Commission has come to the conclusion that the moderate use of hemp drugs is practically attended by no evil results at all." HMJ's story is HERE. 1925,...

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GroSkool 2.0:  Grow’em Big!

GroSkool 2.0: Grow’em Big!

It seems reasonably certain that in our re-legalized future home growing will be allowed.  For reasons never entirely clear, a six-plant-three-in-flower garden is becoming the standard.  Nevada's proposition for a twelve-plant-garden would be much easier to manage.  But, okay, six plants means when I flower them my girls have to be BIG.  Look here: The premise of the home grow is to be able to feed your own head, along with all heads...

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HMJ Classics:  “Blind Elders” Keep Coming

HMJ Classics: “Blind Elders” Keep Coming

Another installment in the "Blind Elders" series.  Enjoy.   In the 1970's the "war on drugs" was created in the mind of President Richard Nixon. This is the same President who continued the Vietnam war but created the Environmental Protection Agency and opened diplomatic relations with China. That odd mix in the man carried forward into the war on drugs which came to be despite of, and in the face of, all of these reports: 1970,...

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GroSkool 2.0:  A Look at Scrogging

GroSkool 2.0: A Look at Scrogging

Is "scrogging" really a word?  Our plant is putting on some size preparatory to going into flower.  It is at this point we may choose to incorporate the use of a "scrog" into the grow.  "Scrog" means "screen of green," named for the results the scrog produces.   Bear in mind that any and every idea we see in the videos can, probably will have to be, adapted to your unique, individual grow space. Sizes can scale up and down, but...

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