Weekend Funny: Mentos + Coke, Really?

I know, mentos and coke, even with the additional of nutella?  Seen that a million times.  Me, too, but have you seen this guy?   [image: Google images "marijuana, funny"]

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smelly isnt it

Seven Things I Hate About Smoking (Marijuana)

I love to smoke marijuana, hence the reason I write for this site. I’m all for decriminalizing it for medical use (and for recreational if you’re responsible and not like, 12 years old) and truly believe it is the key to stimulating our economy and helping build a better nation.

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21 Instances Of Google Searches Going Horribly Wrong (Photos)

Google is an amazing tool of this generation. It is a tool that brings the power of the entire internet at your fingertips. With great power comes great responsibility or great fuckery. Check out this hilarious google searches provided to us by our friends at Who Searches This Stuff. Continue to page 2 —>

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Another Cannabis Flavored Condom Known As Cannadom

A few months ago, we stumbled upon Blowdom condoms. They are cannabis tasting condoms. Another company has come to the forefront of cannabis condoms.

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Check out one of our favorite strains, Big Buddha Cheese from Gorilla Seed Bank. Discreet delivery and free seeds with every order.


Sell Girl Scout Cookies In Front A Medical Marijuana Shop

117 boxes of addicting Girl Scout cookies were sold in just two hours. Lei and her mother stood out front of The Green Cross in San Fran, California. Mashable caught up with the mother and asked about this savvy business idea.

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unnamed (1)

HMJ Has Been Hijacked By Cuteness

Shouts out to Greenie, Krysten for sending in this awesome picture of her dog snatching the HMJ sticker. She described the little guy in the email as a “little monster”; which I am sure he can probably be in person but one a photo the cuteness is overwhelming.

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Picture: USA Today Made Their Logo A Pot Leaf

You go USA Today! Keep the support going! Check out their site here to see it live.

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8 Rolling Papers From The 1970′s That Aren’t Around Today

These 8 rolling paper brands stem from the 1970′s. All of these papers brands have some unique names and designs.

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Current Cannabis Columns in Colorado

Ever since cannabis was re-legalized in Colorado, you can’t go a day without some of kind story related to the recreational sales or usage of this amazing plant.  And while a lot of news outlets will focus on negative stories, or just the same topics over and over again, there are actually quite a few new […]

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Go For Your Dreams

This morning I am feeling like I am in one of those inspirational moods. I am simultaneously facing the most challenging difficulties I have ever faced along with the greatest opportunities I could have ever imagined coming from running a cannabis blog. I am going to continue to push forward through this challenging time and […]

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