Weekend Funny: Baby-Popcorn-Dog

Laughter is contagious, in’it?   [image: Google images "baby"]

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Weekend Funny: Mentos + Coke, Really?

I know, mentos and coke, even with the additional of nutella?  Seen that a million times.  Me, too, but have you seen this guy?   [image: Google images "marijuana, funny"]

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smelly isnt it

Seven Things I Hate About Smoking (Marijuana)

I love to smoke marijuana, hence the reason I write for this site. I’m all for decriminalizing it for medical use (and for recreational if you’re responsible and not like, 12 years old) and truly believe it is the key to stimulating our economy and helping build a better nation.

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21 Instances Of Google Searches Going Horribly Wrong (Photos)

Google is an amazing tool of this generation. It is a tool that brings the power of the entire internet at your fingertips. With great power comes great responsibility or great fuckery. Check out this hilarious google searches provided to us by our friends at Who Searches This Stuff. Continue to page 2 —>

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How to Stereotype a Stoner

Being stereotyped as a stoner, or someone who smokes cannabis, is a really common occurrence because it’s so easy to do.  I mean, the more work you put into getting to know people who advocate the usage of cannabis, and their reasons why, the less likely you are to stereotype them, assume they’re all the […]

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1 Ounce Joints Lit in Seattle, Celebrating Washington’s 1-Year Legalization Anniversary

Congratulations to all the greenies out in Washington state celebrating the 1-year anniversary of marijuana legalization!

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The Story of My Life

This picture could not be more appropriate for the mission right now.

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Yet Another F*cking Music Festival Parody Poster

No need to explain anything here. This is pretty self explanatory.

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Video: Michigan Fan Shows You 3 Ways To Smoke Ear Wax Concentrates

This Michigan fan shows you three different ways to smoke ear wax. The first one is called a dab. That is starting to take over the marijuana culture. The second two are with his bong with and without weed. I just thought it was funny that I found this today, the same day as Michigan’s national championship game against Louisville.

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Video: Unnecessary Video Censorship

We are checking out a funny segment from the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where they censor video clips that don’t need to be censored. Puff, puff, laugh!

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