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Today’s Weather

Thought this might give you a frozen smile.    Thanks to Nancy for sending this in. Keep warm everyone. GroSkool Freshman Class graduates tomorrow. Be there.

Thieves v. MMA Store Clerk = Cosmic Justice

Here’s some rough cosmic justice.  A store clerk looks up and one of his customers is being mugged.  Did I mention the clerk is a MMA fighter?  

Get It?

Any thoughts?  In the comments, please.   If anyone knows where to get this shirt, please share.

HMJ FunHouse: Riding Roller Coasters

Like coasters?  Try these.   “World’s Steepest” — Japan At Six Flags Over Texas “Sky Scream” from Germany Blood surging and heart pounding? Now you’re ready for the weekend. Enjoy.

HMJ FunHouse: Gotta Dance

Here’s something a bit different.   Heart started yet? Go have a great weekend.

HMJ FunHouse: Flying in the Ambulance; A Pot Anthem

So, finally Saturday gets here.  Up for an adrenaline rush? Let’s take a flight.   You know that’s dangerous so we had our favorite ambulance driver standing by, just in case. We close with a cannabis anthem perhaps you have not heard? This is Jonathan Edwards doing his song, “Shanty.” Great weekend everyone.

Pranking Cops In Times Square

I think you might like this.   Let us know what you think.

HMJ FunHouse: Freak Show

Ever given any thought to the type of ecosystem which is created by the dead, rotting corpse of a whale on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico?  We’ve got pictures. It’s all real!   In the rich environment of the rotting whale lives this — it’s called an ISOPOD. It’s the size of a… Read more »

Weekend Funny: The Octopus Throne

Hail Mary Jane’s FunHouse has two rooms open this weekend — the natural history exhibit offers an interesting “Octopus.”  In the Game of Thrones Room we find out how many fans still have a sense of humor.  Enjoy.   Let’s begin in the Game of Thrones Room. Be warned — this next one will give… Read more »

Weekend Funny: Baby-Popcorn-Dog

Laughter is contagious, in’it?   [image: Google images “baby”]