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The Cannabist: Will DEA’s new policy foster more pot research? Sanjay Gupta doesn’t think so

The Drug Enforcement Administration says its recent marijuana policy change will “foster research,” but CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta isn’t buying it. Source: Will DEA’s new policy foster more pot research? Sanjay Gupta doesn’t think so

Barack Obama: ‘drug addiction is a health problem, not a criminal problem [Link]

Australian Parliament Approves Medical Marijuana Growing

Live Stream: California Assembly member Dababneh to Host Hearing on Banking the Medical Cannabis Industry

    We got a press release today stating that there will be a hearing on Banking in the Marijuana industry today. This stuff matters people!!!   (SACRAMENTO) – On Monday, Assemblymember Matt Dababneh (D-Encino), Chair of the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee, will host an informational hearing to discuss the difficulties confronted by the… Read more »

Washington’s Marijuana Legislation Blunder Results in Felony Charges for Teens

According to federal law, marijuana is still illegal in the United States.  However, nearly half of the states have decided to allow it for medicinal reasons, and a handful permit it for recreationally for adults over the age of 21. In a 2013 memo, Deputy Attorney General James Cole essentially told federal prosecutors to turn… Read more »

Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Maine Raises More Than $53,000 in Q2 2015

Moves are being made in Maine. As a lot of states in the country prepare for one of the most important votes on marijuana reform in our history, Maine is coming together to make some change and they are raising money.  Check out this latest report from our friends at Regulate Maine. FALMOUTH— The Campaign… Read more »

The Impact of The U.S. Elections on International Cannabis Reform

Pot and politics have long been linked and this year is no exception. Reform is sweeping across the U.S. (with attendant impact internationally), and has done so with increased speed since the beginning of the Colorado recreational market on January 1 this year. By the start of the second “rec” market in Washington State in… Read more »

Huff Post: ‘NJ Weedman’ Edward Forchion Launches ‘Say No To Chris Christie’ Campaign

The NJ Weedman is one of the most outspoken activists around. We have told you about him before but he is well chronicled. He is a perennial political candidate. He is now making it clear how he feels about NJ Governor Chris Christie running for President.

Video: A Marijuana Arrest

BuzzFeed put together a short film about what one marijuana arrest can do to you. The penalty does not fir the crime!

Video: California Officer Estimates How Many Joints You Get From 99 Plants

Is this California officer’s estimates good or bad? I’m a new grower so I don’t know exactly how much you can get from 99 plants. This seems a bit exaggerated though. What do you Greenies think?