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HMJ Has Been Hijacked By Cuteness

Shouts out to Greenie, Krysten for sending in this awesome picture of her dog snatching the HMJ sticker. She described the little guy in the email as a “little monster”; which I am sure he can probably be in person but one a photo the cuteness is overwhelming.

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Go For Your Dreams

This morning I am feeling like I am in one of those inspirational moods. I am simultaneously facing the most challenging difficulties I have ever faced along with the greatest opportunities I could have ever imagined coming from running a cannabis blog. I am going to continue to push forward through this challenging time and […]

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2014 Is Here… What Are Your Resolutions?

  So I brought in 2014 last night pondering how far my life has come. I have now lived in Los Angeles California for almost a year and a half. I ventured here to seek more knowledge about the cannabis industry and really see the things that are happening. Also have access to great weed […]

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MJ Doc

7 Common Misconceptions About the Colorado Red Card

Having just gone through the process of getting my “red card” in Colorado for the first time, I thought I’d clear the air on some common misconceptions about this magical card that let’s you walk into a medical marijuana dispensary and get what you need to treat your ailments. 1) IT’S HARD TO TALK TO YOUR […]

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How to Stereotype a Stoner

Being stereotyped as a stoner, or someone who smokes cannabis, is a really common occurrence because it’s so easy to do.  I mean, the more work you put into getting to know people who advocate the usage of cannabis, and their reasons why, the less likely you are to stereotype them, assume they’re all the […]

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14 Hours Through the Eyes of a Medicated Man

  It’s said that your eyes are the windows to your soul, but have you ever stopped to think about what you’re feeding your soul on a daily basis?  I mean, think about all the random things you just glance at… Well, follow me through the HIGHlights of a 14-hour journey through my day to see how […]

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Family Bonding Over Buds

The aromatic smell of medication emanates from the piece of chocolate pastry you’re about to pass your teeth through and reminds you that maybe a day of bobbing and weaving through side pockets of the local holiday-infused, scheduled shopping event will be a bit more bearable after all. And as you comb your fingertips through […]

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Wookwok Pro Cover Pic

4 Reasons to Move from Pennsylvania to Colorado

Given the fact that, in the coming weeks, I will be making the big move from Pennsylvania to Colorado, I thought it might be interesting to list four big reasons why someone would want to leave the lush, green hills of Pennsylvania behind. Sure, there are many reasons, outside of what I’m about to list, why someone might want to make such a move…
New outdoor adventures
Real snowboarding opportunities
300 days of sunshine a year
…but there are 4 major reasons why living in Pennsylvania might not be as appealing as living in Colorado, at least at this point.
Hint: It could cost you your freedom!

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If Caught With $40,000 Of Weed Just Say It’s For A Spiritual Healing

In another case of wacky weed news, we have a couple that was caught with $40,000 of marijuana. Katarzyna Dryden-Chouen and her husband Clive told police it was only going to be burned for spiritual healing. Right!?!?! It’s crazy because I burn marijuana for spiritual healing everyday too. The couple had grown the marijuana and was going to burn it in a pit for the spiritual healing of the Hindu god Shiva.

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10 Real Signs To Tell If Your Kid Smokes Marijuana

I made a list that shows better signs to tell if your kids are doing pot. Parents don’t realize their kids are smoking until after they’ve been caught. It’s because they aren’t looking at the right signs. They’re only looking at signs like grades, sports and friends are not the best things to look at. You have to look for signs that are true to marijuana. I know it sounds tacky but it’s true. I wrote an article on these signs and the link is below.

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