Mask of Moldauthein

It’s for dabs.  The price tag is $6500.00.  Does it come in any other colors?   You wear it while using it. Original post is HERE. [image: Google images “mask of moldauthein”]

HMJ FunHouse: Freak Show

Ever given any thought to the type of ecosystem which is created by the dead, rotting corpse of a whale on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico?  We’ve got pictures. It’s all real!   In the rich environment of the rotting whale lives this — it’s called an ISOPOD. It’s the size of a Read more…

Another Cannabis Flavored Condom Known As Cannadom

A few months ago, we stumbled upon Blowdom condoms. They are cannabis tasting condoms. Another company has come to the forefront of cannabis condoms.

Sell Girl Scout Cookies In Front A Medical Marijuana Shop

117 boxes of addicting Girl Scout cookies were sold in just two hours. Lei and her mother stood out front of The Green Cross in San Fran, California. Mashable caught up with the mother and asked about this savvy business idea.

Blowdom: The Cannabis Condoms

Is this real life? Yes, yes it is! Get stoned, have some sex and then eat pizza. The Blowdom’s were invented in 1997. Scientist made the condom taste like cannabis.

Video: Nancy Grace Debates Nancy Grace on the Effects of Cannabis

Nancy Grace can’t seem to make up her mind about people who smoke. She can, however, use marijuana in a positive and negative way to help her argument. Make up your mind Nancy! Even our President has made his mind up about the dangers of marijuana. This video is stemming from her obnoxious words against Read more…

Video: Kevin Hart & Ice Cube React To Nancy Grace’s Pot Remarks

Nancy Grace had a few not so nice stupid things to say about legalized marijuana. You tell her Kevin Hart!

Colorado Is Reporting $1 Million Worth Of Marijuana Sold On The First Day

9 News of Colorado is reporting that more than $1 million dollars of marijuana was sold state wide.

Video: The First Person To Buy Re-Legal Marijuana In Colorado

Sean Azzariti was the first first person to buy re-legal marijuana in Colorado. He is an Iraq War veteran and uses marijuana for PTSD. He said it is much safer than using Benzos or Xanax. Azzariti said he might not even smoke his eighth of Bubba Kush. Rather, he might frame it on his wall. What a great idea and huge stepping stone for the U.S.A.

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