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Cannabis v. Diabetes

The magic in cannabis is in the cannabinoids.  The cannabinoid THC gives the herb its’ uplifting nature.  There are lots of cannabinoids — 113 of them at least — and most of them we know nothing about.  Thanks Harry J. Anslinger.  Here’s one, THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin), a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, that seems to work against… Read more »

Which Direction for the Business of Cannabis?

Until our potential opponents make their move the emerging cannabis industry keeps puffing along.  Let’s take a look at the shape of our battlefield.   But it’s hard to see much anxiety watching the comings and goings inside DeAngelo’s dispensary, which these days looks more like a Whole Foods than the shady corner bodegas such… Read more »

Challenging the NFL Cannabis Policy

If you tuned into a Buffalo Bills game toward the end of this NFL season, you may have noticed that offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson was missing.  Henderson sat out four games earlier this year and was ordered suspended for another ten after testing positive for marijuana for the fifth time — even though he uses it… Read more »

Dr. Who Addresses Our Future

  [image:  The Workprint]

Hawaiian MMJ About to Start Growing

Let’s check in on the medical cannabis program in Hawaii. The state Department of Health said Tuesday it’s ready to connect its seed-to-sale tracking software with the programs used by the eight companies that received licenses to grow and sell medial marijuana. It plans to do so Feb. 1. It’s a milestone that will allow… Read more »

Parents & Kids Smoke Weed . . . Together

Counter-punching Trump on Cannabis Re-Legalization

The inauguration has passed.  Cannabis re-legalization is now in the ring with the new Trump administration.  The two circle one another.  Cannabis re-legalization never takes its’ attention off the Trump-troops.  Because this is, at least for the moment, their fight.  We can only know what to do based on what they do.  We must be… Read more »

Next Re-Legalization Wave Taking Shape

It does not matter what the new administration does or does not do in regards to re-legalizing cannabis.  The states have taken the ball and are moving swiftly towards the goal.  Here’s what the early shape of the next wave looks like.   Legislators in more than a dozen states have introduced measures to loosen… Read more »

What Will Trump Do About Cannabis ?

What will the Trump administration do when it comes to cannabis policy?  Here’s an excerpt from a post on “The Hill.”   Thought you would enjoy this.   The new administration will have at least six options [for cannabis policy]. Shut it down. The administration could crack down on marijuana businesses in states that have legalized… Read more »

Law Enforcement Leaning Towards Re-Legalization

The people who work in law enforcement tend to be a conservative sub-group in our society.  Even here, however, the benefits and good sense of re-legalizing cannabis is being recognized.  Here’s more:   Nearly seven in ten police officers believe that marijuana ought to be legally regulated for either medicinal or recreational purposes, according to… Read more »