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Which Direction for the Business of Cannabis?

Until our potential opponents make their move the emerging cannabis industry keeps puffing along.  Let’s take a look at the shape of our battlefield.   But it’s hard to see much anxiety watching the comings and goings inside DeAngelo’s dispensary, which these days looks more like a Whole Foods than the shady corner bodegas such… Read more »

What Will Trump Do About Cannabis ?

What will the Trump administration do when it comes to cannabis policy?  Here’s an excerpt from a post on “The Hill.”   Thought you would enjoy this.   The new administration will have at least six options [for cannabis policy]. Shut it down. The administration could crack down on marijuana businesses in states that have legalized… Read more »

Law Enforcement Leaning Towards Re-Legalization

The people who work in law enforcement tend to be a conservative sub-group in our society.  Even here, however, the benefits and good sense of re-legalizing cannabis is being recognized.  Here’s more:   Nearly seven in ten police officers believe that marijuana ought to be legally regulated for either medicinal or recreational purposes, according to… Read more »

America’s Cannabis Market Worth $53 Billion

Legal + illegal cannabis = $53,000,000,000.00 in 2016.  Most of it tax free and unregulated.  It’s tax collections that will one day free the weed.   Cannabis consumers spent over $53 billion on marijuana-related purchases in 2016, according to a report released this week by Arcview Market Research. The total includes sales of cannabis in… Read more »

2016 Election & Maine Is Re-Legalized !!

East of the Mississippi River the walls of cannabis prohibition are falling.  Massachusetts and Maine have been liberated ! Adults in Maine will be able to legally possess and grow personal use quantities of cannabis without penalty beginning on Monday, January 30, 2017. Republican Governor Paul LePage on Saturday certified the results of Question 1:… Read more »

Massachusetts — Who’s the Boss?

Evidently some elected officials in Massachusetts don’t realize another election is coming up.  Time for the voters to demonstrate where the power resides.  Here’s more:   With little debate and without taking public testimony, House and Senate lawmakers voted today to significantly amend Massachusetts’ voter-initiated marijuana law. The vote sets the stage to delay the… Read more »

Tax Revenue Up, Arrests Down in Legal States

Every day that goes by brings more evidence that legal cannabis is a good thing, and not just for cannabis consumers.  Let’s consider tax revenue, youth consumption, traffic safety and arrest rates. Tax revenue collection from retail marijuana sales in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington is exceeding initial projections, according to a report published by the… Read more »

NORML Comments on Nevada Re-Legalization

Is the fact that Nevada became the seventh state to re-legalize lucky?  Lucky 7?  Here’s more:   On Sunday, January 1, Nevada will become the seventh US state to eliminate criminal penalties specific to the adult possession and personal use of cannabis. “What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas,” NORML Executive Director Erik… Read more »

NORML’s Open Letter to the Next Vice-President

President-elect Trump has made no secret that his pick for V.P., Mike Pence, will be carrying a large part of the load of leading the country.  Realizing that, NORML has written an open letter to the next V.P.  Here’s a sample: American drug policy is at an important crossroads and the incoming Trump/Pence Administration will… Read more »

Maine’s Re-Legalization Survives Recount Challenge

The voters in Maine decided to re-legalize cannabis.  The opposition called for a recount of the vote — then gave up.  Maine and Massachusetts, both east of the Mississippi, have re-legalized!  Here’s more: The group opposing Maine’s marijuana legalization initiative has withdrawn its recount effort. Last month, representatives from ‘No on 1’ requested a recount… Read more »