Congress Returns to Cannabis’ Banking Problem

Another move by the U.S. House of Representatives to help the emerging cannabis industry.   A majority of members of the US House of Representatives voted last week in favor of an amendment that restricts the Treasury Department’s ability to take action against financial institutions that possess relations with businesses engaged in state-sanctioned activities specific […]

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NY Times Calls for End to Cannabis Prohibition

For a long, long time the influential New York Times has been a staunch supporter of cannabis prohibition.  No longer.  Now they are one of us.  Here’s a sample of how things have changed.   It took 13 years for the United States to come to its senses and end Prohibition, 13 years in which […]

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Who’s Next? – A Review of the States considering marijuana legalization

Recently, Washington state retailers opened their doors to the public, selling recreational marijuana for the first time since state laws were changed. Washington joins Colorado in becoming one of two states to legalize recreational marijuana. This means that there are now two pilot projects that can be analyzed, scrutinized and hopefully emulated by their 48 […]

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More on Cannabis’ Banking Problems

Here are some recent developments in the saga of cannabis trying to open a bank account.   The U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment Wednesday to prevent the federal government from penalizing financial institutions that do businesses with the marijuana industry. The Senate must now pass similar legislation for the amendment to become law, […]

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Help Marc Emery Get Home

Though he has finished his entire sentence, Marc Emery is now in the gentle hands of the U.S. private, for profit prison industry.  Our friend Marc aside, private, for profit prisons are a bad idea.  Will you sign a petition to help end this made-to-be-abused practice?   To sign the petition to end private, for […]

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Marc Emery Finishes His Sentence

Marc Emery has finished his sentence.  He now begins a long strange journey to get home.   Some Canadian officials will soon have some ‘splaining to do. HMJ has looked at this issue before in a post called “Canada Prepares for Comeuppance.” The fun is just about to start.

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Feds Hold Cannabinoids Patent

If, as the Feds say, cannabis holds no medical value, why does the Federal government hold a patent on cannabinoids?  Keep reading:   On the one hand, United States federal government officials have consistently denied that marijuana has any medical benefits. On the other, the government actually holds patents for the medical use of the […]

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Cannabis as Schedule I Challenged — By DEA

Under the drug control framework in effect in America today any substance listed on “Schedule I” has (a) a high likelihood of abuse / addiction and (b)  no medical value.  For reasons we will get to later, cannabis is on Schedule I.  Lots of people and organizations over the years have challenged that fact — […]

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Getting Sued — The Next Page

A few days back HMJ posted a story “Legal Cannabusiness Growing Up & Getting Sued.”  Here’s the next page of that unfolding story.   The president of a Colorado edibles company is firing back at chocolate giant Hershey, which is suing the cannabis firm over trademark violations. Last week, Hershey filed suit against TinctureBelle LLC, […]

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Right Now YOU Can Help Re-Legalize Cannabis

A few days back the U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund federal raids against state-legal medical marijuana programs.  The U.S. Senate is about to take up the proposal.  Your senators (everyone has two) need to hear from you, now. Without your guidance they may not do the right thing.   To contact your senators […]

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