Mainstream Media Calls for Rescheduling Cannabis

Here’s a taste of a recent editorial in the US edition of The Guardian, a U.K. paper.  The tide keeps rising.   Everyone from landlords to caregivers to local police departments – those who have decided to serve or accommodate these [mmj] patients over the last two decades – have faced raids, arrests, subpoenas and […]

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Another Poll Shows Americans’ Changing Attitudes; Mandatory-minimum sentences under fire

The Pew Research Center released the results of a survey on Wednesday that shows very clearly the changing attitudes toward cannabis in America. The poll asked 1,821 people questions about their feelings on how America tolerates and deals with illegal drugs. One of the biggest indicators may be the results of a question asking Americans […]

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Attorney General Suggests, “Let’s Re-Schedule”

Re-schedule would be a fine step on the way to re-legalization, don’t you agree?   The Obama administration would be willing to work with Congress if lawmakers want to take marijuana off the list of what the federal government considers the most dangerous drugs, Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday. “We’d be more than glad […]

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A Prison Story to Get You Pissed

This is the sad story of a man named Robert Duncan.   By all accounts, the business was operating in compliance with state law. The dispensary had interacted with state police when reporting robberies to the facility without consequence. Owner Matthew Davies showed a New York Times reporter a “sheaf” of legal documents demonstrating he […]

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Dr. Gupta Agrees with HMJ Position

No one alive has ever heard a word of truth about cannabis from anyone in authority.  It looks like our truth — the truth — is starting to get heard.   Look what the good Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who recently had his own enlightenment, is saying now. ” . . . on the CNN website […]

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Epilepsy Foundation Wants Access to Cannabis

As it stands today cannabis is a Schedule I drug — meaning it has no recognized medical value or use.  10,000 years of history suggests otherwise.  Is the world about to remember something it once held as folk wisdom?   The Epilepsy Foundation of America supports patients having the legal option to access whole plant […]

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Cannabis Not Associated with Workplace Accidents

A sparkling facet of the old fashioned reefer madness asserted that cannabis was a leading cause of workplace accidents.  That’s not what the studies say.   Past use of cannabis, as identified by the presence of the inert carboxy THC metabolite on a standard urine test, is not positively associated with workplace accidents, according to […]

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National Black Caucus Favors Federal Decrim

Another significant voice is calling for change in cannabis policy at the federal level.  Here’s what the National Black Caucus of State Legislators has to say:   “Whereas state and local governments could potentially stand to save billions of dollars that they currently spend regulating marijuana use by decriminalizing the recreational use of marijuana, therefore […]

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A History of the Turning Tide

I want to recommend to your attention an excellent article on the history of cannabis prohibition and the story of how and why minds and hearts are changing.  Here’s just a taste.   Since the 1960s, the United States has traveled on a herky-jerky trip from hippies and head shops to grass-roots backlash by suburban […]

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Federal Requirement for Willful Blindness

If you ever wondered why the federal government is sometimes stupid, it seems they passed a law making them be that way.  What?   ” . . . the Office of National Drug Control Policy from researching marijuana legalization. These restrictions also require the office to oppose any and all efforts to liberalize criminal laws […]

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