Drunk vs. High Driving

I know, let’s agree to avoid both!   omqlaw.ca Thanks to our lawyer friends at OMQ Law. [image: omqlaw.ca]

Cannabis — The Innovative Industry

Our thanks to the fine folks at BDS Analytics.

Infographic: Is Vaping Better Than Smoking

So this is a constant debate amongst smokers.  Most of us will habitually go to whatever preferred smoking device is.  This infographic by our friends at tha Vape Shop may make you reconsider.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your System?

How long can drug tests detect cannabis?  Someday we may not need this information, but for now . . .   The most common drug tests used are urine, saliva and hair. Each test has a different detection time which is important to know. The urine drug test is the most commonly used because it Read more…

Infographic: Enemies of Legalization

Our friends over at Whaxy made an awesome infographic that they sent us a while ago. This brilliant infographic will let you know a bunch of the people who you would not want to have a smoke session with.

Re-Legalization v. Public Health

Let’s take a look at some of the public health issues in the re-legalization of cannabis.    Source: MPHOnline.org HMJ thanks Sylvia Wood for offering everyone access to this information packed infographic. Hope you learned something. [image: Google images “public health”]

Analysis: The Costs of Growing Cannabis

Here’s another of those subtle signs that the tide has turned and the re-legalization of cannabis is a question of when, not if — discussion and study on how to control the costs of growing cannabis commercially.  Our next big topic is going to be security of outdoor grows, especially around harvest time.  Let’s get Read more…

Infographic: Racial Disparity In The Drug War

Our friends over at whaxy sent us this awesome infographic that talks about the disparities in drug arrests. This shit is fucked up. Shouts out to them for shedding light on this.

Infograph: Legalization Of Marijuana In The US

Times are changing quicker than ever for marijuana. We now have 2 states who are legally selling marijuana, 21 states and the District of Columbia that have medical marijuana and 3 states are moving towards a legalized medical state. Thanks for sending this over Infographic World. Courtesy of: Infographic World

Infographic: Happy 7/10 Dabbers

Our friends at weedmaps and marijuana.com bring you guys an awesome infographic teaching about the 7/10 lifestyle. If you know me, then you know I don’t really go hard with the wax but every now and then I will take a dab. Only from trusted sources but if you have a joint I’m all in. Read more…

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