Another Poll Shows Americans’ Changing Attitudes; Mandatory-minimum sentences under fire

The Pew Research Center released the results of a survey on Wednesday that shows very clearly the changing attitudes toward cannabis in America. The poll asked 1,821 people questions about their feelings on how America tolerates and deals with illegal drugs. One of the biggest indicators may be the results of a question asking Americans Read more…

Show Off Your Cannabis I.Q. in 20 Questions

Think you know a lot about cannabis?  Ah, pride.  Here’s a link to a 20 question test of your current cannabis knowledge. I found it challenging. So, HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW about cannabis? This test calls “cannabis” “marijuana.” Everyone has things to learn, I guess. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE TEST AND SEE HOW Read more…

Infographic: Effects of legalized retail marijuana in Denver

Thanks to the people at Surety Bonds for putting together am infographic about the effects of Colorado’s retail marijuana.

The World View Of Cannabis Is Changing Before Our Eyes

The world views are changing about marijuana. You cannot deny that within our lifetime they would be major changes over the world with the laws regarding this beautiful plant. Our friends over at the Dope Smoker compiled an amazing list of the changing attitudes to cannabis around the world by country. This original and comprehensive list is inspiring.

Medical Benefits of Sativa

Get Cannabis Seeds Shipped Worldwide Here This type of high is the one most associated with hilarious fits of laughter, long discussions about anything, enhanced audio and visual senses. Therefore, smoking a pure Sativa or mostly Sativa hybrid will make you feel great ! Energetic and social and ready for fun ! Shouts to the Read more…

Infographic: So…You Want to be a Sports Agent?


Top 10 Countries That Drink The Most Coffee (Infographic)

I know a lot of stoners love enjoying their coffee and nugs in the morning. I’m not a big coffee drinker but this infographic surprised me. I thought the U.S would be in the top 10 because of places like Starbucks and Bigsby Coffee. Looks like the U.S is just number one at importing coffee. Read more…

Medical Marijuana Permitted While On Probation?

An Arizona judge shocked attorneys this week when she ruled to allow a woman on probation to still use her medical marijuana even though it was prohibited under her original plea agreement (which she had accepted).

Infograph: How To Take A Perfect Weed Nap

If you’re visiting this site, you most likely love weed naps. They are some of the best sleeps I’ve ever had.

The Most Friendly Marijuana Countries (Infograph)

This kind of hurt seeing the U.S grey’d out. it makes me feel we need to be doing more than we are. Not taking away of the amazing things we have already done to help legalization. Infographic by Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post.

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