San Fran May Regulate MMJ Delivery

Here’s a new twist in the story of mmj in San Francisco.   A marijuana delivery service in San Francisco that dubs itself “the Uber of pot” is raising eyebrows among local officials concerned with the unregulated nature of such businesses. The company, called Eaze, has generated buzz because it lets medical marijuana patients order […]

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SB 1262: We Came Close To Losing Our MMJ in California

If you are a medical marijuana patient in California , you are going to want to take a few minutes to explore the information regarding what was proposed legislation that will limit your access to safe medicine! Right now California Prop 215 patients enjoy freedoms to medicate many could only dream of. There is a […]

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Hanging with My New Buddies on My First Day of Work

What’s a Colorado Grow Assistant Do On-the-Job?

I finally landed a job that I love in the MMJ industry, so I couldn’t help but give you all a little glimpse into what I do at work.  All dispensary grow rooms are going to be different, and each grow assistant will probably have different tasks to do each day, but here’s what it’s […]

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“Leafly” Runs Full Page Ad In NYTimes

Just a few days ago the New York Times called for an end to cannabis prohibition.  They followed that up with a full page ad from mmj resource “Leafly.”   The New York Times had its first-ever full-page marijuana-related ad run on the heels of its editorial board calling for the drug’s legalization. The ad, […]

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The Differences Between Rec & MMJ Consumers

Here’s another topic you can study before re-legalization gets to your street. The rec customer is different from your medical marijuana consumer. Here’s a hit:   The same general business principles of running a medical cannabis facility apply, such as ensuring efficient production, operating during consistent hours and offering a large selection. But there are […]

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Las Vegas Wants MMJ

There were plenty of applicants in Las Vegas as mmj approaches.   Las Vegas received 63 applications for medical cannabis business licenses by Wednesday’s deadline, according to an official with the city. Most of of them came in at the eleventh hour, mirroring the last-minute rush in Clark County. As the 3 p.m. deadline approached, […]

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Who’s Next? – A Review of the States considering marijuana legalization

Recently, Washington state retailers opened their doors to the public, selling recreational marijuana for the first time since state laws were changed. Washington joins Colorado in becoming one of two states to legalize recreational marijuana. This means that there are now two pilot projects that can be analyzed, scrutinized and hopefully emulated by their 48 […]

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More on Cannabis’ Banking Problems

Here are some recent developments in the saga of cannabis trying to open a bank account.   The U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment Wednesday to prevent the federal government from penalizing financial institutions that do businesses with the marijuana industry. The Senate must now pass similar legislation for the amendment to become law, […]

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Confidence in Canada

It takes a degree of nerve to be on the front lines of any aspect of the cannabis industry these days.  But isn’t it nice to be able to work in the sunshine?  Here’s an example of Canadian confidence.   A prospective medical marijuana company in Canada has purchased a 300,000-square-foot facility for roughly $13 […]

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In Washington MMJ & Rec Exist in Different Worlds

In now legal Washington state the medical and recreational aspects of cannabis exist in different worlds.  How long can this last?   In the short term, at least, medical cannabis companies could benefit from the lack of regulations. Recreational business owners must pay licensing fees, meet zoning requirements and adhere to a slew of rules […]

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