Oklahoma Pushing for MMJ Vote

Efforts continued in Oklahoma until the last minute.   An advocacy group in Oklahoma is “hoping for a last-minute miracle” in its petition drive to get a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot, according to the organization’s chairman. Chip Paul, who heads Oklahomans for Health, said the group currently has about 120,000 signatures in hand, […]

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San Fran May Regulate MMJ Delivery

Here’s a new twist in the story of mmj in San Francisco.   A marijuana delivery service in San Francisco that dubs itself “the Uber of pot” is raising eyebrows among local officials concerned with the unregulated nature of such businesses. The company, called Eaze, has generated buzz because it lets medical marijuana patients order […]

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Opposition to MMJ in Florida

The issue of medical marijuana in Florida is known as “Amendment 2.”  An opposition group called “No on 2″ has emerged, using lots and lots of old fashioned reefer madness.   The anti-medical marijuana group called “No on 2″ has made a lot of noise about the supposed dangers of legalizing medical weed in Florida. […]

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SB 1262: We Came Close To Losing Our MMJ in California

If you are a medical marijuana patient in California , you are going to want to take a few minutes to explore the information regarding what was proposed legislation that will limit your access to safe medicine! Right now California Prop 215 patients enjoy freedoms to medicate many could only dream of. There is a […]

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Good News About Cannabis in the News

Here’s a bit of evidence that the winds have indeed shifted — in our favor.   Some recent examples: On July 26, The Boston Globe published a first-person account from one of its reporters about traveling to Colorado for cannabis. The piece painted a positive picture of the industry and batted down concerns by outsiders […]

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More Formal Cannabis Research

Once it finally becomes possible to get approval from NIH, there is going to be a lot of research into cannabis’ effectiveness. Here’s just the most recent on that front.   A pharmaceutical company has inked a licensing agreement with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop, test and possibly sell cannabis-based drugs for […]

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Epic Medical Cannabis Bike Tour In Europe

Our friends over at Herbies Seeds recently put me up on an awesome event that takes place in Europe to raise funds for medical cannabis research there. The Annual Medical Cannabis Bike Tour raised 100,000 Euros to fund setting up a trial case with Glioma patients in Spain. Bikers came from all over the world […]

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Study says MMJ Has No Impact on Teen Use Rates

Here’s more research on what happens when mmj comes to town.   The passage of state laws legalizing the physician-recommended possession and consumption of cannabis by qualified patients has not led to an increase in adolescents’ use of the plant, according to a working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research – a […]

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Nurse-Practicioners Can Authorize MMJ in Maine

In Maine nurse-practicioners can now authorize the use of medical marijuana.   Nurse practitioners may legally authorize cannabis therapy, according to new legislation that takes effect this Friday. The legislation, LD 1739, expands the pool of those who can legally advise patients on the use of medicinal marijuana from physicians to ‘medical providers’ – a […]

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Connecticut MMJ Ready for Lift-off

Medical marijuana on the east coast is about to happen.  Let’s visit Connecticut.   Medical marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut are about to welcome their first customers, even though the businesses won’t have any cannabis available for sale until later this year. Several of the six state-licensed MMJ centers expect to open their doors in the […]

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