Push Back in Big Sky Country

Despite recent advances we still have opposition. Here’s some push back in Montana.   A Billings businessman has proposed an initiative for the November 2014 ballot that effectively would ban the possession, use, cultivation, trafficking and transportation of marijuana in Montana. Steve Zabawa submitted the measure this week to Secretary of State Linda McCulloch’s office. […]

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15 of 15: Virginia

We reach the end of our journey to the hinterlands in one of the original thirteen colonies — Virginia.   It’s not the friendliest place we’ve seen: Possession of marijuana is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine up to $500 for the first offense and up to one year in […]

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Cannabis & Denver’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Do you remember Donald Rumsfeld’s famous quote about “being aware of the things we don’t know?”  He was talking about going to war but the idea applies to re-legalization, too. How wili re-leg impact the commercial real estate market?  Here’s a glimpse at that impact in the city of Denver.   Vacancy rates for warehouses and […]

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13 of 15: Texas

A cannabis advocate might feel like a child in the wilderness in Texas, except for the fact that so many Texans are calling for change.   A strong majority of Texas voters (58%) support making marijuana legal for adults and regulating it like alcohol, according to a Public Policy Polling . . . Only 38% […]

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Solventless Concentrate Options... Top: Colorado Gold, Bottom: Colorado Clear
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Are Solventless Concentrates the Best?

Ever since hash products got a new breath of life with the “dab” movement, there have been a number of different forms of hash popping up, but which one is best? We all want a smooth-hitting concentrate that tastes good, is potent, and is good for your health… And from my own research I’m not […]

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What Is Cannabis Worth $?$?$?

America loves money — here’s some real numbers.   $1.53 billion: The amount the national legal marijuana market is worth, according to a Nov. 2013 report from ArcView Market Research, a San Francisco-based investor group focused on the marijuana industry. $10.2 billion: The estimated amount the national legal marijuana market will be worth in five […]

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Describing the “Perfect High”

The Global Drug Survey asked its participants to describe the “perfect high.”  Their answer sounds pretty good to me.   So what would the effects be of perfect pot — or “balanced bud” as the Global Drug Survey calls it? Users want their cannabis to be strong and pure. And they want it to have […]

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12 of 15: South Dakota

Next on our list of the seldom seen is South Dakota, the “Mount Rushmore State.” Here we find both mmj and recreational cannabis standing out in the rain with the door slammed in their faces. But this struggle is not over.   South Dakota’s 2013 legislative session saw lawmakers in Pierre consider two proposals to […]

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11 of 15: South Carolina

Today’s seldom seen place is South Carolina, where the first shots of the Civil War* were fired and Stephen Colbert was born.  Let’s take a look at the cannabis scene.   We’ve seen this previously — the truth about cannabis / medical marijuana seeping into hardened attitudes about the plant not based on science but […]

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Colorado: Lots More Tax $$$ Than Expected

Follow the tax money to ultimate re-legalization. America loves money.   Colorado, the first state to tax legalized recreational marijuana sales, expects to bring in an estimated $98 million in revenue this year, exceeding the state’s original expectations by 40 percent. The state began levying sales and excise taxes on recreational marijuana on January 1, […]

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