Statistical Colorado After Re-Legalization

So, what did happen in Colorado after re-legalization?  Did Colorado just fall apart, or what?   The percentage of high-school students consuming marijuana has fallen in the years since Colorado legalized the personal use of cannabis to adults. . . . According to the survey, the percentage of high schoolers who reported consuming marijuana within […]

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Cannabis Appreciation State-by-State

Here’s a look at cannabis use state-by-state.   Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the nation, but it also provides entrepreneurs in the recreational marijuana space with the highest percentage of cannabis users by population. The state ranks tops in the nation in marijuana usage, with nearly 13% of residents 12 and older […]

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white house

D.C. Votes on Re-Legalization in November

A third jurisdiction will vote on re-legalization in November.  Washington, D.C. now joins Alaska and Oregon embracing tomorrow.   The nation’s capital will join Alaska and Oregon with a measure on the November ballot to legalize recreational cannabis. Washington DC election officials certified enough signatures on Wednesday to put a legalization proposal up for a […]

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Make 2016 the “Cannabis Question” Election

The upcoming November 2014 elections will see two states, Alaska and Oregon, and the District of Columbia, voting on re-legalization. 2016 is a Presidential election and the next/best chance to make ourselves heard nationwide.   Presidential elections are always significant. In 2016 there will be no incumbent seeking re-election so the field should be crowded, […]

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Welcome Home, Marc Emery

Marc Emery is back home in Canada.  The HMJ Staff wish Mr. Emery   After five years of prison food — fresh vegetables. The man is vegan, after all. After five years of sleeping alone — some time with Jodie. Marc and Jodie were close to “just married” when Uncle Sam came calling. After five […]

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Good News About Cannabis in the News

Here’s a bit of evidence that the winds have indeed shifted — in our favor.   Some recent examples: On July 26, The Boston Globe published a first-person account from one of its reporters about traveling to Colorado for cannabis. The piece painted a positive picture of the industry and batted down concerns by outsiders […]

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Colorado to Discourage Teen Cannabis Use

Colorado is concerned that, with re-legalization, it will somehow be easier for kids to score some pot. Do they mean easier than now? Here’s what they are going to try.   How do you encourage kids not to use marijuana at a time when acceptance of pot is at historic highs and Colorado is more […]

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It’s 1937 in Utah

It is useful to know where you are.  It is also good to know when you are.  Welcome to Utah in 1937.  No, it’s 2014.   The [Utah Marijuana] compact calls for four principles to be followed when it comes marijuana policies, that include protecting families, strengthening the economy, medicinal value and law enforcement. The […]

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Philly DeCrim Update

As expected, the Philadelphia City Council has passed a cannabis de-crim ordinance.  In an earlier post we looked at the opinion of the Police Commissioner.  The next step is the Mayor signs off.  Why hasn’t the Mayor signed?   The Philadelphia City Council passed bill 140377 with a vote of 13-3 in June 2014. The […]

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Cannabis Forecast for Oregon

Here’s a look at the expectations in Oregon.   [Oregon] By the numbers 11% — Approximate percentage of Oregon’s population that will use marijuana. That’s about 416,700. 8% — Approximate percentage of Oregon pot users who are recreational and will buy from a retail shop. That’s about 321,800 users. 23,151 — Number of heavy users, […]

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