10 of 15: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, “The Keystone State” is our next seldom visited jurisdiction, and things are happening here.   Pennsylvania lawmakers have introduced legislation, House Bill 2137, which would place a question regarding marijuana legalization before state voters. If approved, HB 2137 would put a non-binding ballot question on the ballot “to determine the will of the electorate […]

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Maine: MMJ Expands

There are going to be more professionals who can authorize medical marijuana in Maine.   The state’s medical marijuana law, first approved by Maine voters in 1999, has been amended, and the biggest change replaces the word physician with the words “medical provider.” The amendment , which was signed into law by Gov. Paul LePage […]

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3 Months Legal & Colorado Still Standing

All you really need is the headline from the Huffington Post, “After Three Months of Legal Pot Sales Denver Still Not A Crime-Filled Hellscape.”  Just gotta love the Huff with stuff like that.  Let’s go in closer:   Three months into Colorado’s historic legal recreational marijuana sales, crime hasn’t gone up in Denver, according to […]

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Follow Up: An Edible Fatality

Here at HMJ we anticipate the inevitable blow-back to re-legalization to come with claims that “cannabis can kill.”  Our first report was about Gemma Moss, who used cannabis to help her sleep.  Ms. Moss’ died from a heart attack.  The new story is about a student named Levy Thamba, age 19, who died in a […]

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Maryland: Moving in the Right Direction

It’s not complete re-legalization, but it takes time to turn something as big as the law, eh?  Be brave, Maryland and embrace the future.   It’s not a law yet, but it’s right on the edge. If the governor goes along, getting busted for pot won’t mean jail, provided those joints don’t contain to too […]

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Election Cycles Towards Re-Legalization

Every election cycle represents chance for statewide re-legalization.  Here’s what’s in the pipeline at the moment.   Nearly four out of ten participants in the nationwide survey said that they would be “much more likely” to go to the polls if an initiative seeking to legalize marijuana appeared on the ballot. An additional 30 percent […]

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NJ Prosecutors Say “Legalize”

Everybody’s starting to come around.  About time.   Acknowledging that laws against marijuana use are about as effective as those employed during Prohibition, the New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutors Association has overwhelmingly recommended legalizing pot. While it’s advocacy you would expect from NJ Weedman, it’s a stunning stance for the very people who prosecute pot […]

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This Just In . . . Cannabis Kills Again?

The weekend is just a few hours away, and a couple of big stories are breaking.  Here’s a preview of both, which we will pick up next week if by some chance I remember to do so.  First, in New York City WeedMaps is setting up shop.   This is part of an email I […]

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8 of 15: Nebraska

We plant our Cannabis banner in the cornhusker state — Nebraska — for the first time. Let’s get oriented.   Nebraska is one of the 15 states that have decriminalized personal use marijuana possession. First offense possession of up to an ounce of marijuana is a civil infraction punishable under Nebraska law by a $300 […]

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Finding Candidates Who Support Re-Legalization

With the next election cycle about to get underway each of us needs to identify candidates in our jurisdiction who favor our position on re-legalization.  Washington D.C. offers Tommy Wells.  In Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District let us introduce Daylin Leach.   Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach has been an invaluable advocate for the issue of […]

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