4:20 Flick: Angry Addition: Everyone Is High On Weed In Colorado

Inside Edition did a story about a smoke spot at a Colorado Ski Resort and riders being high while skiing/snowboarding the slopes.

4:20 Flick: Kid Lands Triple Backside Rodeo Flip

I’m pretty sure that Billy Morgan was the first to land this trick but he didn’t get the grab. Max van Helvoort got the grab, as you can see above and below. Here are some words from the youngin’ Max.

U.S Snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg Gets “Stoked” before His Gold Medal Run

Sage was getting “stoked” in preparation for his slopestyle Olympic gold medal run.

Video: Skiing Detroit’s Abandon Warehouses And Streets

I’m not a fan of skiing at all but these bros are very acceptable in my book. They take to the abandon streets and warehouses of Detroit to do some jibbing. Jibbing is the word used for snowboarding or skiing in the streets of cities or parks. These guys get great footage of the city Read more…

4:20 Flick: GoPro: Let Me Take You To The Mountain

GoPro’s latest POV takes you to the mountain with John Jackson, Lyndsey Dyer, and Travis Rice.

Video: College Life Through A GoPro

Ever wonder what a Saturday is like for a college bro? This college champ straps a Go-Pro on from start to finish. You get to see everything from the wake up, breakfast, drinking, studying and the pains. Sometimes you can’t always keep the alcohol down; while in the library studying. This bro thinks of college as an extreme sport.

Don’t Get Caught Smoking Weed At Colorado’s Ski Resorts

Arapahoe Basin ski resort chief operating officer Al Henceroth took to his blog to let people know that marijuana use will not be tolerated. Henceroth says he has already kicked several people out and took their ski passes.

Video: Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate – Riding Film

Danny MacAskill made using toys as a park a reality. Red Bull and MacAskill created a life size, ride-able park of toys and filmed him shredding the course. Too bad the army men come alive at the end and steal his bike.

Video: Travis Barker’s Famous Stars and Straps Headquarters Visit With Twitch & Hansen

Ever wonder what goes on in Travis Barker’s Famous Stars and Straps headquarters when he’s not there?

A New Meaning To Skating With Your Kids: Introducing The ‘LongboardStroller’

Skateboarders with children are cheering at high volumes. They can now skate with their kids when they are just little munchkins. The kids might have the best spot to. Unlike most bike strollers, they are in the back; starring at the back of their parents back or tires. Now, they get that front seat to Read more…

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