Using Vegas odds to strengthen your fantasy team

One ingredient that makes the NFL season more exciting is the Fantasy Football, so it is always important to know what players are dominating the statistics and which teams are the ones most likely to succeed, and using Vegas odds to strengthen your fantasy team is a good strategy, if you are a fantasy football […]

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The Stoner Bowl Smoking Game

Thanks to Jesse for Bedford Slims messaging this over via our Facebook. There should be one for when Peyton says “Omaha”. We just hit a 100K on our Facebook, make sure you head over and like us.

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Stoner Art: Broncos & Seahwaks Logo In Marijuana Buds

Who are you going with for Super Bowl XLVIII?

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Picture: A Look Into Super Bowl XLVIII

I love that it happened to be Denver and Seattle in the Super Bowl. That’s one crazy coincidence for us stoners.

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The NFL May Allow Player To Use Medical Marijuana

The NFL is talking about becoming the first professional sports league to allow it’s players to use medical marijuana.  RT is reporting that NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell is surprising open to having this be an option that players can use: Speaking to ESPN, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested the sport’s ban on medical […]

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There’s is seldom a consensus about the ‘takeaways’ from a week of NFL action but there was plenty of agreement about the big storyline of Week 14—it was one of the craziest weeks in pro football history.  From Matt Prater’s record breaking 64 yard field goal in Denver to the retirement of Mike Ditka’s number […]

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NFL’s Smoke Screen on Marijuana

ESPN’s Howard Bryant wrote a superb article about medical marijuana in the NFL. Bryant talks about the NFL being at the front of cultural transitions in sports, what was illegal yesterday may be legal tomorrow and how it’s not an easy conversation to have. But it is a conversation that needs to happen. There are […]

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It’s a generally accepted concept that NFL teams play better at home than on the road.  More often than not it’s true with a few exceptions like the Philadelphia Eagles who are 7-15 straight up since the start of the 2011 season and a downright pitiful 4-17 against the pointspread on their home field.  Then […]

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An Acknowledged Place for Cannabis in Professional Football

As the eventual day of re-legalization draws closer, segments of our culture are starting to discuss how cannabis will — not fit back in, because it is there already — but how the role of cannabis will be defined.  Is it an intoxicant?  An enhancer?  Just what will we let cannabis do when prohibition is […]

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NFL Teams That Have Started The Most Quarterbacks From 1999-2013

Regressing of the Deadspin network put together a graph showing how many QBs each team has used since 1999. Any of these really surprise you?

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