Accommodating Cannabis’ Return

As the cannabis plant is allowed back into society following eighty years of unjustifiable banishment there will needs be some accommodation.  Here’s a small one: The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which oversees drug testing for events such as the Olympics, generally sets the standard in determining drugs that should be deemed as performance enhancing, drugs […]

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Sports News: MMA Fighter Thiago Silva suspended for cannabis use

Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Thiago Silva, has been suspended for six months and is ordered to attend a drug rehabilitation program due to failing his post-victory drug screening. Silva tested positive for cannabis metabolites after winning a UFC third round submission bout on November 10th. The Ultimate Fighting Championship organization submitted a statement in regards […]

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Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Tests Positive For THC

After winning a UFC match by submission in the 3rd round, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighter, Matt Riddle was screened for performance enhancing drugs. When his test came back positive for THC, the UFC commission scrubbed out his victory. Matt is a licensed Medical Marijuana patient in the state of Nevada. He purposely moved from […]

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Vancouver Commissioner Says Nick Diaz Smoking Shouldn’t Warrant Action

From the province that brought us great strains like Shiskaberry and Fucking Incredible, Vancouver Athletic Commissioner Jonathan Tweedale gives an excellent break down of why UFC Welterweight Contender Nick Diaz should not be given an anti-doping violation for testing positive for cannabinoids last week after his interim title fight loss to Carlos Condit. In his post, […]

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UFC 105 Couture vs. Vera Preview: Betting Odds

This post was written by Darren Black Youth vs. Experience will be on glorious display in this week’s UFC 105 event. Randy “The Natural” Couture is 46 years old, 14 years older than his opponent, Brandon “The Truth” Vera is 32. Online sportsbook has the set the MMA odds on this one and have Couture […]

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4:20 Flick: At Least He Pulled Off The One Handed Handstand…

Everyday at 4:20 pm EST, there will be a new random funny video for you to smoke and laugh at. If you have a funny video that should be a 4:20 Flick, hit me up with it on twitter or send me and email at I had to watch this a few times cuz […]

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UFC 103 Franklin vs. Belfort

I’m a long time UFC fan. I’ve known of  it’s existence since it first hit pay-per-view, and I remember my father buying UFC 1 for me on PPV, and it was incredible. My father not being a rich man, we couldn’t afford to buy the PPV’s, and over time I drifted away from the sport.

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Tap Out Quickie

MFC 21 Maximum Fighting Championships Bobby Lashley vs Mike Cook It only took the big Bobby Lashley 24 seconds to dispose of his competition. Ouch. I wonder how long I would have lasted in the ring with that guy. I am a dirty fighter so low blows and eye gauging would be a must. He […]

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Fan Gets Knocked Out by Cop at UFC 91

So I bet at a UFC match everyone is pumped up and excited. I’m not sure if drinks are served or not but if they are, that adds additional fuel to the fire and probably contributed to the jackass in this video getting body slammed at the event. Ouch.

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Anderson Silva Knocks Out James Irvin

Anderson Silva is widely considered by many to be the best pound for pound MMA fighter in the world. The quick Brazilian fighter faced off against James Irvin last night. Would there be an upset? Would we see the worlds best MMA fighter go down? In a word, no. Anderson Silva made quick work of […]

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