Video: Dream On: USA Hockey

The Men’s U.S Olympic hockey team starts their round robin play this Thursday at 7:30am EST against Slovakia. This video will get you pumped and ready for all of the U.S Olympic hockey. Full schedule here.

Wacky Weed News: Swapping A Hockey Jersey For Marijuana Isn’t Okay?

Via HMJ’s TumblrIn the calm country of Canada, a man was beaten trying to exchange a hockey jersey for marijuana. An 18 year old set up the exchange of a Chicago Blackhawks jersey for marijuana.

The 25 Stages of Playoff OT Hockey

We are two games into the Stanley Cup Finals. Both games have gone into OT. Both games have been nothing slight of amazing. I stated that the first game was one of the best hockey games I’ve ever watched. I can only hope that tonight’s game is just as good. I plan on another OT Read more…

Video: Top 15 Goals of the 2012-2013 NHL Season

No playoff hockey until tomorrow, so this will have to hold you over until then. 15 of the best goals of the shortened 2012-2013 season.

4:20 Flick: Spinning Fall Shootout Goal

Michigan has always been one of the biggest U.S state producers of great hockey players. Hell, that’s where the Michigan Move was started. We now have a Michigan State move. Torey Krug of Michigan State has come up with a new shootout move. Will this work in game play?

The 2013 NHL Playoffs Drinking Game

Bro Bible was nice enough to help out the few remaining hockey fans get tipsy while watching the NHL playoffs. Bro Bible put it in writing and I made it into a quick image. The the 2013 NHL Playoffs Drinking Game will help you get very tipsy before the end of the game. The one Read more…

Video: NHL 14 Teaser And Cover Voting

The NHL 14 teaser was released this week and it looks just like the past few years. Not much more to the game they can put into it. We will have to wait for ps4 to see major improvements, in my opinion. The vote for the NHL 14 cover is underway too. The Los Angeles Read more…

Video: Pavel Datsyuk Breaks Logan Couture’s Legs With This Deke

On Logan Couture’s birthday yesterday, Pavel Datsyuk decided to give a small bday present. Pavel had Couture’s legs trying to go two ways at once. In the long run Logan Couture’s Sharks won the game 2-0.

Bruins Head Coach Throws Earpiece In Fan’s Beer (GIF)

Boston Bruins’ assistant coach, Geoff Ward, tossed his earpiece into a fan’s beer. He must of been hearing some things that did not sit well with him. The guy’s wife/gf looks like an orange.

Video: What NHL Players Really Think About Each Other

Some of the top NHL players sit down and answer a few questions about their fellow hockey players and teams. The question that I enjoyed most was, “Which player’s highlights do you watch the most?” The top answer seems to be Datsyuk, which is %100 right because that is my opinion. Crosby was named a Read more…

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