Groundbreaking sponsorship for Johnny Rock Page

“Professional motorcycle racer Johnny Rock Page and marijuana industry media company Hemp American Media Group have together made history via a groundbreaking sponsorship deal that makes for the first time a professional racer has ever been sponsored by a marijuana company. The sponsorship is for Page’s 2016 MotoAmerica Superbike season”. Hemp American Media group, co-founded Read more…

Riding In From Bulgaria — Vladimir Ivanov

Thought you would enjoy this.   Stinky Socks Welcomes Vladimir Ivanov – Gibona from Stinky Socks on Vimeo. Our thanks to Bulgaria’s Stinky Socks for sharing this video. [image: Google images “Bulgaria”]

4:20 Flick: Rob Van Dam On Marijuana

If you are a pro-wrestling fan, you are probably familiar with Rob Van Dam. He is an iconic personality who has astounded us with feats of athletics for over two decades. He is also known as a marijuana activist, and has some strong feelings on why it should be legal and its availability as a Read more…

Weekend Excitement — Wingsuit

I’d need a change of pants.   [image: Google images “wingsuit”]

Can Cannabis Enhance Performance?

A few days ago HMJ covered the story of the boxing commission raising the THC threshold allowance in drug testing for its’ fighters. Let’s see where this story is going:   Along with efforts to legalize or decriminalize marijuana in several states, there has also been a push to scrap it from the list of Read more…

World Series Of Poker Is Underway In Vegas And I’ll Be Checking It Out In June

My friend basically forced me to come out to Vegas next month. When I say force, I really been easily convinced me by buying me a plane ticket. This will be my first time in Vegas and no better time to go then when my buddy is in the WSOP. I’m not a big gambler. I do dab in $5 poker games and roulette…

Video: World Record For Back Flips On A Pogo Stick

In sports playing, people have to set records and take chances. Pogo stick or baton sauteur in French, seems to be getting awkwardly bigger and bigger. With a world record of 15 back flips in a row on a pogo stick, you can accomplish anything. I mean that.

Video: Extreme Putt Putt Golfing Shot

No strings attached?

Late Night Break: Old Bam Margera Skate Video

My favorite skater from back in the day. Bam Margera is one obnoxious, skateboarding millionaire.

Video: Drift Trikes Gravity Fest Weekend

  Madazz Trikes and Co. hit the road to the Ruapehu Gravity Fest and hit a couple of skateparks on their travels.

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