CBD Transdermal Patch

Controlled dosing is one of the challenges facing the world of medical marijuana as it explores cannabidiol (CBD) strains. HMJ has posted popular stories about  transdermal patches. Those two ideas are coming together in a CBD transdermal patch.


Yesterday, AltMed LLC announced the launch of a significant research initiative between its affiliate, NuTrae, LLC, and the Florida Center of Excellence for Drug Discovery and Innovation (CDDI) at the University of South Florida in Tampa, to develop a transdermal patch capable of delivering a steady, controlled, smoke-free dose of non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) for patients.

According to David Wright, CEO of AltMed, the objective of the project is to create the most effective delivery mechanism for the non-psychoactive and potentially highly therapeutic CBD for patients in need.

“With medical cannabis coming of age, one of the major challenges patients face is trying to find a reliable method to take their medications with a consistent dosage,” said Wright. “It is AltMed’s intention to bring a best in class transdermal patch to the marketplace so patients will know exactly what dosage they are getting.”

There’s more detail on this development HERE.

Want to know more about CBD?

I always appreciate when things work together. This infographic came in the same batch of mail that held the rest of this story. Please note the final supplement in the graphic is cannibidiol, a specific cannabinoid.

With thanks to Absorb Health for the graphic, these guys are about dietary supplements.


[Image via: Google images “medical marijuana”]

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