CBS Rejects NORML Billboard in Times Square

According to the NORML blog, CBS has again refused a left-leaning entity ad space on their popular 42nd St. billboard screen.  This time it was NORML (makes sense) who wanted to air a 15 second spot about taxing marijuana in order to stimulate more government money.   The spot was set to appear on their 42nd st. billboard and would be followed by a message from Barack Obama highlighting the racial disparity in New York’s rising marijuana arrest rate.  See the video and more after the jump.

It shouldn’t be surprising that CBS refused to air the video.  No one should ever be shocked when large corporate entities like CBS tend to lean towards the right.  CBS claimed it was “too political” to air, but during the Super Bowl they had no qualms throwing Jesus (I mean Tim Tebow) and the Virgin Mary (I mean Tebow’s mother) onto a commercial that covertly supports outlawing abortion.  If you haven’t seen the millions of articles on the internet about Tebow and the abortion ad, it didn’t strike that much of a nerve, but to call it anti-political would be a misnomer.  CBS also rejected the right to show their ad because again it was “too political.”  So traditionally left wing ads are too political and right wing ads promoting a very sensitive topic like abortion are allowed to air during the most heavily sought after ad space of the year.

Again, I am not shocked by this development because large networks have to appease the right, since almost all the executives in charge are Republicans and are lobbied by Republicans.  But, it’s a pretty glaring contrast between what’s allowed and what isn’t.  Think about this the next time you turn on CBS’ flagship programs NCIS and Two and Half Men.  Also think about how terrible those shows are.

Anyway, here is the ad in question:

How dare NORML educate the public like that, when babies are dying every day!?  Just so you know, and we don’t get any crank abortion comments that label me a baby killer, I support a woman’s right to choose, but I would hope they didn’t abort a child unless it was absolutely necessary.  The absolutely necessary is what’s up for debate.  Jeesh, how did we get on abortion as a topic…oh that’s right, Tebow made the stupid commercial with his mom and CBS decided to air it because it wasn’t “too political.”

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