City Officials Saying “No More Compassion” for Medical Marijuana

Prop 215, the Compassionate Use Act passed in 1996 in California allowing patients with a valid Doctor’s recommendation to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal use that has since been expanded to include and protect a growing system of collective and cooperative distribution. So why in 2011 are city officials saying they have had it with being compassionate and are ordering the collectives to shut down by September 9th?

I want to make sure we do what is necessary to protect our community,” Karen Goh, 5th District Supervisor in Kern County, California said.

Tuesday it was unanimously decided by the Kern County Board of Supervisors passing a ban on store-front medical marijuana collectives in unincorporated areas of Kern County. They also decided the limit of 12 plants for each land parcel. That may not sound like that big of a deal, but as of Tuesday, it instantly made larger grows and any care-giving patients growing more than 12 plants  illegal.  Sheriff Donny Youngblood is showing his true feelings about marijuana by grinning eerily when asked how many teams of deputies he had ready to execute on marijuana grows. “If I had marijuana grow right now, I’d be cutting back to 12 plants and I mean tonight.” Youngblood added.

It looks like the sheriff wants marijuana as safely available for ill patients as it was pre-1996…in the dark alleys from shady drug dealers, where his cronies can easily arrest them. Way to go Kern County! Thanks for making patients feel like criminals again.

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It looks like Sheriff Youngblood is keeping his word with the help of the DEA.

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