Clay Bennett is a liar: Bennett lied to David Stern, no surprises there

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Ever since Clay Bennett acquired the Sonics in 2006, he has been saying to everyone that he does want to keep the team in Seattle and that he was making an honest effort to just get a new arena for the squad. I don’t know if he actually expected us to believe that or not but he lied to us and to David Stern anyway. Now theres proof of that.

Some emails that Bennett sent have surfaced and these show what his real intentions were:

In one of those messages, dated April 17, 2007—during a one-year period in which Bennett was professing a “good-faith” effort to get a new arena built that would keep the Sonics in Seattle—team co-owner Tom Ward wrote to Bennett from Oklahoma City: “Is there any way to move here for next season or are we doomed to have another lame duck season in Seattle?”

Bennett replied: “I am a man possessed! Will do everything we can. Thanks for hanging with me boys. the game is getting started!”

Ward answered back: “That’s the spirit!! I am willing to help any way I can to watch ball here next year”

Co-owner Aubrey McClendon then wrote: “me too, thanks, Clay!”

After these messages came out, Bennett sent an email to David Stern to try and kiss his ass and cover his own ass:

Last Aug. 18, days after McClendon’s comments were published, Bennett wrote a lengthy e-mail to Stern. It included a fawning section in which Bennett told the commissioner he was “an extraordinarily gifted executive … with a rare and unique charisma that brings out the best in everyone you touch … you are just one of my favorite people on earth and I so cherish our relationship Sonics business aside.”

Bennett then wrote moving the Sonics to Oklahoma City was not yet being discussed within the ownership group.

“I would never breach your trust,” Bennett e-mailed Stern. “As absolutely remarkable as it may seem, Aubrey and I have NEVER discussed moving the team to Oklahoma City, nor have I discussed it with ANY other member of our ownership group. I have been passionately committed to our process in Seattle, and have worked my (tail) off.”

So it turns out that Clay Bennett is another selfish, rich liar. Why are we not surprised?

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Author: Lenny

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