Coaches and players mic’d up good thing?

Allen Iverson
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David Stern is willing to try anything to boost ratings. The latest thing that they are trying in the NBA is making coaches wear mics during the game so that fans can listen on timeouts and such. Sounds like a good idea in theory but many players and coachs aren’t feelin it.

Former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy had a classic reaction. “You’re kidding me,” said Van Gundy. “And head coaches are really going to have to do TV interviews during games?”

Phil Jackson is another coach that didn’t like the idea of it:

“I’m going to stick my foot right in it, too,” Jackson said. “I wasn’t at the league meetings with the coaches this year, and I’m very disappointed in my comrades for rolling over on this so easily.”

“It’s going to be real hard on us coaches,” he said. “We do things in private. It’s an inner sanctum. For people to be in the inner sanctum, where emotions are high … it’s big brother, it’s very big brother. It’s very intimidating.”

 There will also be hidden cameras placed in locker rooms so that we will have total access to watching Sam Cassell change after a game.  Great!!! not.

This is a very stupid idea and I hope they pull the plug on it.  They claim to have guys that will edit it so when people are in the middle of a game and emotions are running high, there won’t be any foul language that you don’t want little Timmy to hear while watching the family friendly NBA. 

There was shocking dialogue caught on tape in last nights double header on TNT though. This was audio of Jerry Stackhouse, George Karl, Allen Iverson, Eduardo Najera and Brandon Roy:

“Let’s go!”
“Let’s go.”
“Let’s go, K-Mart.”
“Hey! Let’s go.”
“Let’s go, man!”
“Let’s go, man, let’s go!”
“Let’s … what? Yeah, let’s go!”
“Let’s go!”

Ok so maybe this idea isn’t all bad because I found that pretty funny but I still this it will be a silly idea. Hopefully David Stean comes to his senses, somehow I doubt that though.

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