College gameday crew > Rose Bowl tickets?

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Nelva Deeke of Hubbell, Nebraska won a Home Depot contest a few months ago and the prize was a choice of either getting an all expense paid trip to California for the Rose Bowl or College Gameday hosting a BBQ at your house.

The logical choice would be to go to California right? I guess not because she chose to hang out with the College Gameday Crew. I know your saying “But that is the logical choice but hey… shes from Nebraska so what do you expect.

“I could’ve gotten tickets, with all the amenities, to the Rose Bowl, but since Nebraska wasn’t playing, I decided not to use that one,” she said. Instead of a barbecue in Hubbell, Deeke and some friends met the GameDay crew for lunch at a Lincoln restaurant, May 21.

“Rather than have the barbeque, I don’t think anyone wants to come to Hubbell – it’s only 50 people – they picked up eight, including myself, (and) we had lunch at Vincenzo’s in the Haymarket in Lincoln and the limo took us home.”

She described Fowler, Herbstreit and Corso as “very nice”, “open” and “friendly”.

I don’t know about you but if it was me and I really didn’t want to watch the game, I would’ve taken the trip, scalped the tickets, and used to money to go shopping in Southern California.

People from Nebraska are crazy, unless you read my blog, then your ok.

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Author: Lenny

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