Colorado–Decidedly Un-Gonzo

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The Colorado State Senate recently passed a bill preventing recreational marijuana users from circumnavigating their medical marijuana laws.  The bill if passed, would terminate the use of doctors at medical marijuana dispensaries.

“It would bar doctors from writing recommendations inside dispensaries that sell medical marijuana. It requires that doctors review a person’s medical history and give them a full exam before recommending that they become a legal user of medical marijuana.”  Read our tepid reaction after the jump.

Part of me wants to say: “Boo Fuckin’ Hoo” to the Colorado residents.  New York still doesn’t have marijuana dispensaries at all; although, Jersey is really close to Manhattan.  The other part of me thinks this sucks.  It’s long been known that dispensaries would write prescriptions for things like minor back pain, an annoying booger, and having a boo boo on the ankle.  It’s been a wink wink industry for a while now, and that’s what Colorado lawmakers are reacting against.  But, this is actually hurting those people who need medical marijuana.  I bet HST wouldn’t give a shit about this though, since he could get drugs simply by sneezing.

I have never gone in to get a prescription for marijuana, nor do I ever plan to, but I am guessing having a doctor on the premises makes it a lot easier for people to get treated.  Yes, a lot of potheads will hang around and try to get a prescription, but who cares?  They aren’t causing harm.  This makes the process easier for people that might not have a liberal enough doctor, or who feel uncomfortable asking their doctor for it.  Basically, it removes the stigma.

Again, we don’t think this is a life altering event, just an annoyance to Colorado smokers, that have it pretty good to begin with.

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