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With less than 30 days until Election Day, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol got another strong endorsement for Amendment 64, the ballot measure that would end marijuana prohibition in the state and regulate it like alcohol.
At a press conference Tuesday morning, the campaign announced that more than 300 Colorado physicians from more than 65 localities across the state support Amendment 64 and are calling for a “more commonsense policy” one that stops “criminalization of adults for using a substance less harmful than alcohol,” as Dr. Larry Bedard, former president of the American College of Emergency Physicians said in a statement.

The pot advocacy group was joined by Bedard as well as Dr. Bruce Madison, associate medical director of the faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and vice-chair of the Council on Legislation for the Colorado Medical Society and Dr. Christopher Unrein, past president of the Colorado Medical Society all of whom are among the more than 300 physicians who have signed in support of the initiative.

“As physicians we have a professional obligation to do no harm,” Dr. Madison said in a statement. “But the truth is that the Colorado marijuana laws do just that, by wasting hundreds of millions of dollars in a failed War on Marijuana, by ruining thousands of lives by unnecessary arrest and incarceration, and by causing the deaths of hundreds of people killed in black-market criminal activities. I am proud to join all of the other Colorado physicians who support Amendment 64, a sensible measure whose time has come.”
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There’s more to this story and you can find it HERE.

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