Colorado Imposing THC Limits For Drivers

The Colorado senate is set to take up a bill that basically means anyone that has EVER smoked pot can get a ticket for driving under the influence of marijuana (that’s only slightly hyperbolic).  If you’re at all familiar with THC levels, and active THC (the kind that IS NOT stored in your fatty brain cells), you’ll understand why this is such a crock of shit. Come with us as we show you how much of a joke this will be…

The limit would be set at 5 nanograms per mililiter of blood, which means if you’ve toked within the last month, you’re liable to receive a ticket if they test you.

Not only is it ridiculously low, but here Claire Levy, the Colorado Rep. who floated the idea in the first place, defends the 5 nanogram limit vs the 2 nanogram limit that some states enforce (which is an even lower standard if you can imagine that). But then Claire Levy recants! The Flip-Flopper! She now believes 8 nanograms per mililiter of blood is a better limit. Bend to the whims of the marijuana majority Claire!

I’ll never forget the first time I was pulled over when I was really high in high school. The cop found some shitty herb on me (we were rolling Phillie blunts)d and I got a ticket, but when he threatened me by saying he knew I was high, I just laughed. Testing for marijuana means differentiating between the active THC (“Bro I’m stoned”) and inactive THC (“I’ve smoked pot in the last month”), and most small town police forces aren’t going to have the technology. Plus small town cops are lazy, and don’t like filling out the paperwork.

Keep defending yourself through all their bullying, they basically can’t touch you.*

*Take my advice with a grain of salt since I’m no lawyer (although I used to date one).

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[Toke of the Town; Pic Via LA Weekly]

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