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Colorado’s First Hash Bar Coffee Shop Opens January 1st

whitehorse1On December 31, 2012 at the stroke of midnight something very magical is going to happen. No, I’m not talking about meeting that special someone at a raging New Year’s Eve bash or ringing in the New Year surrounded by loved ones, I’m referring to what is sure to be one majestic and historic event. I am talking about the grand opening of the first state legal recreational hash bar & coffee shop in the state of Colorado, The Whitehorse Inn!

The Whitehorse Inn, located in Del Norte, Colorado, will be the first state legal coffee shop of its kind in the United States. If you are anything like me, you have always imagined what it would be like to ‘smoke out’ in a coffee shop setting like those in Amsterdam and British Columbia, but to do so right here in America. Well imagine no longer my fellow tokers, because that dream has become a reality and not just for avid tokers like myself.

whitehorse2Paul Lovato is the individual responsible for making our dreams come to fruition. Fortunately for the cannabis community, Paul had a dream of his own: “I had a crazy dream, a very real, vivid and lucid dream,” Paul says, “In that dream I was serving coffee and charging people for it, but winking at them and giving them a free gram of Cannabis and saying God Bless Amendment 64. Cheesy, right…I know…but it’s true and it really happened! I woke up and saw clearly, what it was that I was going to do for the rest of my life. Unfortunately I would have to tell a woman, my wife, the love of my life, that she would have to quit her job and go on a wild ride, laced with cannabis, coffee, visits from government and law enforcement officials and possibly very famous and cool people. None of which interested her…I was banking on the famous and cool people angle, but it didn’t work. Then I passionately poured my heart out to her whitehorse3about a movement that I not only want to be a part of, but a movement that I want to be a ‘Pioneer’ in. Not many people get the chance to do something significant in their lives. This will be my first movement of significance in the life of our family.”

What a fantastic dream! And yes, Paul, this occurance carries major significance in regards to the movement and the cannabis community. This event will be a true milestone not only in the life of Paul and his family, but for the history of cannabis in America.

Paul explains his business model for us here: “The Inn will sell $10-20 cups of coffee-latte-mocha-etc., each coming with a free gram of the cannabis of your choice or a cannabis infused edible treat to anyone over the age of 21 who has a valid State ID, passport or any other valid recognizable ID from any State, land, nation or tribe…ANY! We will also offer a safe haven for medical cannabis patients from ANY state, land, nation or tribe that would like a place to stop and medicate in a clean, comfortable, cozy ‘Smokers Lounge’ or in a ‘Personal Booth’ where privacy and discretion will be of the utmost importance.”

Paul is well aware of the uncertainty that lies ahead with the newly instated cannabis laws in regards to the federal government’s possible involvement and the undetermined future regulations that will be set-up by the state. He is also aware of what will surely be an onslaught of cannabis entrepreneurs that are eager to open their own businesses. He elaborates for us here: “Of course, as the state mandated regulations come down we will adapt and change budappropriately, however this is the only way I can get this movement started and get a jump start on what will be happening on a mass statewide level in just a very short time.”

The team here @ HMJ is ecstatic with Paul’s business endeavor and can’t wait to stop in and have a half dozen latte’s or so. We can only speculate how big the crowd will be for opening night, but I’m sure Paul will be pleased with the turnout. And I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before the celebrity toker circle gets a ‘whiff’ of the Whitehorse. If you live in Colorado make your way over to the grand opening of the very first state legal hash bar and coffee shop in the whole United States! Good luck and rock on, Paul, we here @ HMJ support your valiant efforts all the way!

Paul Lovato-Owner, The White Horse Inn-Colorado Hash Bar
Follow Paul and the Whitehorse- @ColoradoHashBar – Twitter and @WhiteHorseInn420 – Instagram
Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitehorseinn420
Email: paul@thecoloradohashbar.com

Images: Google Images

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Author: ErikG

I bleed weed, wanna hit? Then follow me around the internet on Tweeterbook and Facebird for the latest news concerning the cannabis community.

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  • Just an update! Our contact info is:
    Instagram: @WhiteHorseInn420
    Twitter: @ColoradoHashBar
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whitehorseinn420
    Email: paul@thecoloradohashbar.com

    • eliese mcdonald

      how old are you, paul?

  • sgnob

    This is great! A lot of people will be excited to be coming to a place like this. hopefully people will be going to the new up and coming online smoke shop that im building to purchase accessories for this new trend in Colorado! Good luck Paul!

  • waywardbill

    Sounds like a set-up for the local police and the court system. DUID leaving the premises. Drugging and driving are still against the law.
    Peace, Pot, Politics,
    Wayward Bill Chengelis
    Chairman, US Marijuana Party
    Chairman, US Marijuana Party of Colorado

    • ErikG

      Only time will tell, WWB. Thanks for your readership and comment, toke on! B)

    • Nickie

      Bill– all tho I agree with you and much respect… how is it any diff from a bar?

      • lovingyou

        Beer alters your genetics and makes people raging, angry retards.
        Weed builds DNA, kills cancer and fat cells, helps with countless things and makes us all happy and loving beings.

        • ErikG

          I would say, Yes, it is much different from a bar. Now if you are new to using cannabis then you may have trubz driving until you build up your tolerance, but for veteran tokers like myself, leaving a hash bar is no different from leaving my house each day. Toke on everyone and thanks for your readership and comments! We couldn't do it without you all!B)

  • Derchie

    While I commend the initiative, I question the time. The State has until this summer to have the structure, figured out. Jumping the gun by 6 months, just to be a pioneer, may return to bite them in the arse.

  • Marte Hughson

    Congrat Paul. We had a nice place in Traverse City Michigan called the Canna Bistro. They closed last year for personal reason. The place was a safe heaven for our community. Free music jam session. Farmers market twice a week. It was located right Downtown no membership fee. Open to the public till 1pm then converted to cannabis communitity for the rest of the day. I also have friends that own a pub in Flint Michigan Downtown area called the White Horse…lots of medical, police officers, firefighters, layers. Family friendly tavern were many folks de stress at. Best pizza in Flint Michigan……Again good luck looking forward to a vist to you business.

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  • come check out http://www.coloradohempconnection.com. We are the premier networking tool for colorado legal cannabis and hemp business and consumers. Businesses can come set up a shop to display and sell products, interact with consumers on a personal level and expand their customer base. Consumers can come and interact in our forums, discover the latest and best products and stay up to date with the latest information.

    • ErikG

      Thanks for posting the information, Daniel! We appreciate your readership! Toke on!B)

      • Bobby

        Hell yea man! Follow that dream if i lived in ur area i would beg for a job:) i have so many ideas of opening a nice hang out in my kical small colorado town:) please dnt let simple
        minded fools talk shi#. Get a lawyer too back yoy ans pioneer our beautiful state into cannabliss:)

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  • Matt

    As a Hemp Huffer of thirty years, and a professional driver. What kind of parking would be around this area of the WhiteHorse?

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