Columbia holds meetings, discusses Marijuana Gardens

Image via Chronic Candy

Longview City Council held meetings this past Thursday to discuss the future of Marijuana Gardens. Yes, Marijuana Gardens are as heavenly as they sound. Imagine just walking into a garden of about 50 plants, up to 15 of them being yours? West Coast, I envy you!

On July 22, the Legislature legalized collective marijuana gardens of up to 45 plants, with a maximum of 15 per medical marijuana patient. The Legislature did not provide guidance on how to implement the law. If the council did not impose a moratorium, gardens would have been allowed anywhere in town and then could have been “grandfathered” in once the city adopted zoning rules.

This gives me hope on the rest of the nation. My dream is for all of USA to have an abundance of Marijuana Gardens! Imagine going on road trips & getting whiffs of exotic strains being grown from a Marijuana Garden you passed. It probably wouldn’t be like that but a Greenie can dream!


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