Congress Writes Letter to President Obama About Rescheduling Cannabis

Cannabis is a schedule I drug according to the DEA classification. Members of Congress, in conjunction with Americans For Safe Access, wrote a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to reclassify cannabis (or marihuana as they stipulate over at the DEA’s website). It’s in relation to the recent Department of Justice crackdown of cannabis dispensaries in California. More after the jump.

According to the Weed Blog, the letter was headlined by “Representatives Sam Farr (D-CA) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and signed by Representatives Mike Thompson (D-CA), Jared Polis (D-CO), Pete Stark (D-CA), Steve Cohen (D-TN), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), and Bob Filner (D-CA).” The assorted group of policy-makers noted “that California was only the latest state hit in the federal government’s campaign against medical marijuana.”

The group wants cannabis reclassified as a schedule II or III drug limiting the role of the federal government in the crackdown on Cali dispensaries. From the letter:

Classifying marijuana as a Schedule II or III drug will have the effect of harmonizing federal law with the laws of several states, such as California. No longer should the federal government’s law supersede the wishes of local citizens who have decided that their fellow neighbors ought to have the right to legitimately use medical marijuana. As we have seen for years, seriously ill patients will attempt to obtain their medication however they can and it is unconscionable for the DOJ to use its limited resources to endanger the lives of patients who are simply seeking to ease their suffering.

I would have been less grandiloquent with the purple prose, but you get the idea (and hopefully Obama does too–if he reads it). Our democratically elected officials have spoken. Lets hope our President hears their call, and reverses his hypocritical crackdown on medically relevant cannabis dispensaries in California and elsewhere. He might lose a lot of votes in 2012 if he doesn’t.

[The Weed Blog; Obama Letter]

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