Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

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So I have a confession. When I first made there was no specific direction I had with it. I just decided that I wanted to make a blog and try to make money to get my writing out there. I didn’t have any idea it would grow to the point it has gotten to but I am so grateful for all of the support we have gotten over the years. I feel like we have compiled a strong team that tried to be a strong source for stoners to come to for all the info about all of our favorite plant.

Recently, Babycorn was emailing back and fourth with a greenie who shared his appreciation to us in a way that was so deep I had to share it with all of you. This was what he had to say about HMJ:

I frequent HMJ because it offers what many sites don’t: intelligent information. Many activism websites are ‘weed is awesome cuz…yeah…it gets me high’. HMJ really delves into the behind-the-scenes. From activism to statistical information to scientific studies, it covers the gamut. The pieces that are meant to be informal (Eg ‘Bong of the Day’/ ‘Wake and Bake’ etc) have an informal tone about them, like the poster is our friend sitting on the couch toking with us. The pieces that are meant to be formal (statistical observations, activism, ‘serious’ pieces) have a formal tone to them. As if the poster is preparing a speech on legalization before congress. It is this dichotomy that makes HMJ work and appeal to both sides of the community. (Not to cast aspersion or be condescending) Both the ‘rap star blunt smokers’ and the ‘Volcano vaporizing CEO smokers’ can both find common ground and metaphorically shake hands. HMJ finds the tie that binds. It focuses on the end realization that we all love the herb, not the different paths we may walk in our personal lives.

She shared this in one of our meetings and everyone’s reaction was just “wow.”  I get fan mail of various kinds from all types of people and it is all appreciated thoroughly.  This email was different.  This is exactly how I want people to look at what we do.  This stood out to me the most:

Both the ‘rap star blunt smokers’ and the ‘Volcano vaporizing CEO smokers’ can both find common ground and metaphorically shake hands. HMJ finds the tie that binds.

I look at weed as something that should bring people together and if we are able to bring people together with HMJ than that will make this whole crazy journey worth it.

As HMJ has progressed the focus of it has become more clear though the future is still very uncertain. One thing that you can count on is as long as we are around, HMJ will still be bringing you info daily on weed news from the dope folk perspective.  Thanks again to the greenie that sent this in.  Amazing.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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