Counter-punching Trump on Cannabis Re-Legalization

The inauguration has passed.  Cannabis re-legalization is now in the ring with the new Trump administration.  The two circle one another.  Cannabis re-legalization never takes its’ attention off the Trump-troops.  Because this is, at least for the moment, their fight.  We can only know what to do based on what they do.  We must be ready to counter-punch.
Does Trump turn the decision over to the states? Does he just say “it’s legal,” or “It’s forever illegal?” Does he start a pogrom against the cannabis community? Once we know what he is going to do — or not do — we will know what we must do. Until then keep working hard in your own backyard. However big or small the fight turns out to be, the work you do builds something good in the place where you live.

If the Trump-troops just leave us alone, I’d call that a win. If every state is left to chart its own path on cannabis — great. Every day the current administration does not act against cannabis is another day the momentum rides in favor of re-legalization. Left alone long enough we can build a structure too hard to tear down, too revenue-generating to end, and too large an employer to fuck with. Especially in Trump’s America — money talks loud. There is going to be a lot on money made in the emerging cannabis industry. When you make some of it promise right now you will spend some of it protecting the new image of the plant. 

“It was during the Trump administration that a new image of cannabis came to live in the minds of people who never saw, let alone consume, the substance. This new image was something like taking a drink of alcohol, something like a smoking a tobacco cigarette, something like making an adult choice. Reefer Madness was no more.” — excerpt, The History of Turbulent Times

As nice as it would be to get, we do not need our opponent to formally surrender. I’d love for the federal government to own up to its eighty years of lies. But I can go on without it. Trump has already shown that he likes to do things in the back room, without announcement. So, no more arrests; let go of any uncompleted prosecutions for cannabis; defund your lie machine as it speaks to cannabis. Free the weed but never acknowledge the fact. That’s your deal?

Considering what cannabis consumers have lived through since 1937, we would take that shitty deal. One thing at a time.

Tomorrow, once re-legal, we will start working on the apology we are owed.

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Author: DavidB

a heathen, but hopefully not an unenlightened one

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