Coupons For Cannabis Are Here

Are any of your dealers letting you use a coupon for 10% off that 1/8 Blue Dream? I didn’t think so. Canna-Saver is making this a possibility. Though, it won’t be with your local dealer that keeps asking you to hangout. The coupons for pot are available for medical marijuana shops in Colorado. Canna-Saver owner Brian Shapiro doesn’t smoke marijuana but sees the dollar signs. He says they offer roughly 65 different types of deals. Canna-Saver offers deals such as: early bird ounce specials, buy one get one (BOGO) deals and certain percents off depending how much you spend. The offers are valid for flower, wax, edibles, equipment and more.

Canna-Saver’s biggest deal has to be the 2 ounces for $300 deal. The Early Bird Oz Special from Medicine Man Medical Market in Denver. The offer will let you mix and your 2 ounces however you would like.

There will only be more and more deals popping up on Canna-Saver once Colorado and Washington marijuana laws go into affect this January. That will also spark other states like Michigan, California and the list goes, to start offering deals on Canna-Saver. CNN did a piece on them a few days ago.

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Author: HMJ Staff

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