Czech Republic Lowers The Bar

The Czech Republic has now lowered there drug laws, on all drugs. It seems they have adopted Mexico’s type of drug law system.

They did not make all drugs legal, but you possess less than 1.5 grams of heroin, a grams of cocaine, up to five gramsof hashish, and five LSD blotter papers, pills, capsules or crystals.

With weed it is a little bit different. You can possess up to 15 grams and only get a fine of $800. Which does not sound very good, but it beats jail time.

Now, “if the police find you carrying less than 15 grammes, you don’t risk anything except a fine of up to 15,000 korunas (580 euros, 800 dollars).”

As I was reading this one of the best statements I have heard about marijuana and alcohol was said by psychologist Ivan Douda. he stated…

“Alcohol is an underestimated drug, while marijuana is overestimated and too severely criminalised,” he said.

Yes, we all already know this, but it was the way he stated it. I really believe that to. Lets hope this shows other countries aka the U.S how to do things.

Full Story HERE.

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