Daily Dank: Blue Dream Haze

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General info: Blue Dream is a great hybrid between the widely popular Blueberry, and Haze. It’s normally grown indoors with soil, and has a THC level of about 15-20%, so Blue Dream not only is great and planter-friendly, but is a great, great hyrbid.

Closer Look: Blue Dream haze is a cross between DJ Short’s Blue Berry and Super Silver Haze. This strain should be taken to at least 10 weeks. Haze characteristics can be identified all through out the growth of the plant.  Bud structure of the blueberry is also noticed with minimal haze structure being airy. The smell is quite sweet almost an even blue/haze mix. Yields of 2 pounds per light can be achieved with a minimal veg period. One should be carful with Phosphorus(P) and Potassium(K) levels near the last weeks before flush.

Taste: Not as fruity, or blueberry as you’d expect, but is fruity enough. Best to smoke through a bong or joint.

Smoke: Very thick and heavy, so this does not make the smoker have a harsh or rough cough. The high is great, and should hit you within moments of your first toke.

Smell: Very spicy.

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