Daily Dank: Maui Wowi(e)

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Click the image to get a better look at these tasty buds!!

Shout out to Rob for sending in this awesome close up of some Maui Wowi. I’ve never tried this strain but it is definitely a popular one. If you’ve go some pics of your dank buds send to tips@hailmaryjane.com and be sure to include the name of the strain as well as anything you know about it or just let us know your personal experience.

Here’s what Rob had to say about his Maui Wowi:

It’s an old school strain that was popular in the 80’s. Pretty well a pure Sativa, really amazing energy high that is unbelievably visual as well. Tastes really citrusy and the smell reminds you of tropical fruit. Really a great strain and man was I lucky to get a bit 🙂

Marijuana Reviews:

Price: $20/G, $320/Ounce

Looks: The pictures do not do this bud justice. Simply put, it looks incredible. Wild pinkish hairs, buds caked with THC, beautiful sight.

Smell: Man does this stuff ever stink! Smells like a pungent haze smell with strong tropical fruity overtones. It’s one of those smells they need to make into cologne.

Taste: Somewhat like the smell, very smooth. More citrus than anything. Delightful.

Buzz Type: Immediate high after 2 hits from a joint. After I finished the joint, I felt like I was on a drug. Powerful trippy soaring sativa high of the highest quality I have had.

Buzz Length: Long. I was high for 2.5 hours solid. But then after there was no burnout. Perfect daytime smoke (if you are alone).

Overall: I am so glad I ended up getting some Maui Wowi, it is some of the best marijuana I have ever smoked. It was grown with so much care, trimmed and cured perfectly. Anyone that smelled it, did so for at least 5 minutes. Too bad Maui Wowi is rare to find these days. It’s up there with the best sativas in the world.

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Author: Tribute

Are you a Red Eye Jedi? Do you have some glass that is Bong of the Day material? Are you a Stoner Artist who likes drawing, painting, photographing weed? We all know It's 4:20 Somewhere! Email me with your pictures at Tribute@hailmaryjane.com to be featured in future posts!

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