Daily Fix: Don’t tell me how hard you work, tell me how much you get done.

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Oh man.  I’m feeling lazy as fuck today.  I woke up late, got started even later, and I’m bored as hell.  In the past I would’ve just said ok today I’ll take the day off but I’m trying to build a readership here.  You don’t want to come here and not see anything new right so I am gonna push through my laziness.

I could use a blunt.  Despite the name of the site, it’s been over a month since I smoked…. Ugh… That will all change next week.  I am moving back home where connects come a dime a dozen.  :-D…. Texas weed is garbage, for anyone who wants to know.

Here are some links, if you have a fly story that should go here… email it to me at sportfiends@gmail.com.

Victoria Beckham will poke your eyes out. [Don Chavez]

Want to see more pics of that crazy former Patriots cheerleader?  [COED]

This guy won’t be having kids anytime soon. [Double Viking]

What you’ve been waiting for, porn mode on the firefox browser.  [Tasty Booze]

6 great things about the NBA.  [The Bachelor Guy]

10 reasons why Tony Romo should break up with Jessica Simpson.  [Derober]

Christiano Ronaldo is sweaty and his teammates know it.  [The Spoiler]

This chick is cute but doesn’t know shit about politics.  [Busted Coverage]

Chris Bosh gives props to Obama.  [NESW Sports]

Angelina Jolie has interesting workout techniques.  [Blog of Hilarity]

Brandon Marshall has some things to get off his chest.  [Deadspin]

The NBA’s all time ugly team.  [Part Mule]

Allen Iverson is still talkin about practice.  [You Been Blinded]

Guy Ritchie is twisted, welcome back to single mans life.  [Celeb Slam]

Topless Wii.  Playing the Wii never seemed so interesting.  [Nuts]

Vanessa Raia is definitely uncoachable.  [Uncoached]

25 Must have firefox plugins for bloggers.  [Tech Vivo]

The streets of Harlem, the day after.  [Slam X Hype]

Oh Hell No…. I love me a thick bitch but this is way too much.  [This is 50]

Amanda Bynes has chicken legs.  [Celebrity Odor]

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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