Daily Fix: Happy Veterans Day

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Whats going on everyone. Wow yesterdays flight sucked. First went from Houston to Charlotte and they charged me to check in my bag, then they charged for drinks on the plane, then when I got off in Charlotte they wouldn’t let me back on the plane for a long time, then we couldn’t leave Charlotte for Jersey for over an hour.

When I finally did get into Jersey I was so exhausted I just crash and slept almost 15 hours. Ugh… I’m back now though. Heres some links. Send me your links over at sportfiends@gmail.com

If this doesn’t make you feel patriotic, I don’t know what will.  [Salty Milk]

The 11 hottest sports movie tomboys.  [The World of Isaac]

Seren Gibson warms our, uh, hearts. [On 205th]

Laughing at the misfortune of others is fun, especially when they’re fat.  [Double Viking]

20 Classic toys that need to be made into movies.  [io9]

Gina Carano likes to have fun.  [Busted Coverage]

The top 10 cheerleading scandals.  [Fan IQ]

Corrie Loftin is cute.  [Nextround]

Porn laundry service?  [You are hated]

A nice view of Danielle Lloyd.  [Hollywood Tuna]

This chick is Indian??  No fuckin way.  [My Chill Pill]

Never ask serious questions on internet forums.  Your asking for trouble. [Holy Taco]

This guy hit 5 hole in ones in one week.  [Don Chavez]

20 dumb but funny sitcom characters.  [Uncoached]

LoL!  Police officer in TexASS tasers himself.  [Manofest]

Don’t fuck with this chick.  [Attuworld]

The fattest college football coaches.  [Yep Yep]

The 9 most disturbingly misogynistic but funny old print ads.  [Blog of hilarity]

Guy Ritchie’s baby mama drama.  [Celebitchy]

Lindsey Lohan has a really fat friend.  [Drunken Stepfather]

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