Daily Fix: “It wasn’t me”

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Happy Tuesday to everyone. As I talked about yesterday, I got fired from the Methodist Hospital last week. Fuck that place. They were mad that I used the computers and denied it even though they knew it was me.

During my employment there, I had all of these people talking about how I should stop using the computers and just do my work like a good field nigger. Nope. I have bigger aspirations. I don’t plan on working at a hospital pushing patients around forever.

So I am broke again. What else is new. Tomorrow I will be going out looking for bartending jobs. If anyone here owns a bar (especially a sports bar) in Houston, holla at me. I will promote your bar on the site. :-D.

Anyway, back to business. So I read a funny article about Mr. Robert Kelly today. His trial finally started after like 20 years and the best defense him and his lawyers were able to come up with is “It wasn’t me”.


I tried that last week Mr. R, it didn’t work, I have no job now and you probably won’t soon either. That was fucking him…. or should I say, him fucking.

The Falcons are giving Matt Ryan Michael Vick uhhh.. serious money. [ESPN]

Mike Piazza is officially retiring… Time for the leather outfits and the whips to come out. [Deadspin]

Looks like we’re going to Indy in 2012 for the Super Bowl…. See you there. [ESPN]

Jake Peavy is down for the count and we don’t know when he’ll be back. Just when things going good for the Padres… Oh wait, nevermind. [Sign on San Diego]

Jeff Novitzky is a snitch!!! [NY Times]

Mike Tyson is a movie star now… among other things. [Benchwarmers]

The NBA: Where draft lotterys gone wrong happen. [The Big Lead]

Swedish track star gets floozified? She wasn’t floozy enough? Not according to daddy. [With Leather]

NBA ratings are up… As long as the Spurs don’t make it to the finals again. [Awful Announcing]

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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