Daily Joint: Dream Fielders Release by Boundless NY & Lafayette Japan

Big shout out to the homies from Boundless NY for sending over this mixtape.  They are really on the grind.  Fuck with it.

Today we are releasing the long awaited Dream Fielders Mix CD & T-Shirt by Boundless NY & Lafayette Japan. The mix was done by DJ Teddy King, hosted and mastered by Tes Uno. The CD and T-Shirt art work was done by James Farsetta.

This mix was made exclusively for Lafayette Japan. We were able to get a limited amount of Cd’s and T-Shirts. Only 30 of each.

The CD & T-Shirt are both available here http://www.boundlessny.com/

We are also releasing the mix today as download.


Any feedback and/or posts are much appreciated.

A Note from Teddy King:
I want to thank everybody that has helped me get to where I am now, without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.

This mix means a lot to me and has opened a new and very good relationship with my friends from the Lafayette crew in Japan.
I was suppose to go to Japan a few months ago to spin the release party but was not able to go because of the earthquake and also my wedding that was in the works at the time.

Many of the songs that I play on this mix are from some of our close Boundless friends, including Afra, Large Pro, Rasheed Chappell, Maffew Ragazino, Kenny Dope, Clark Kent, Mondee, JBX (Jared of Big City Records), Geng Grizzly and more. It is a mix of hip hop and rare grooves.
Big Bless to my Boundless family and wife DJ Illy and Big Thanks to my friend Jun & the Lafayette crew for making one of my dreams come true!

Dream Fielders! Hope you enjoy!

The track listing is

1. Afra Time Intro – Language Arts
2. Mad Scientist – Large Pro
3. Next Level JBX Remix – Alkaholics
4. All Hail My Hands – A-Trak
5. What I’m Here 4 – Rasheed Chappell (Prod. by Kenny Dope)
6. Battle of Metropolis – Maffew Ragazino (Prod. by Clark Kent)
7. Keep It Thoro – Prodigy (JBX Remix)
8. Flawless Crowns – Raekwon (Prod. by Mondee)
9. Times Up – O.C. (JBX Remix)
10. Brainstorm – Latee
11. Lay Puzzled – DJ Eli
12. No Ideas Original – Nas (Large Pro Remix)
13. Lady of Rage – Some Shit (Prod. by DJ Premier)
14. Fast Life – Nas/Kool G Rap (Prod. by Geng Grizzly)
15. Cybertrons – Muhammad Ali
16. D.O.A. – The U.N.
17. Rover Sport – Raekwon (Prod. by Mondee)
18. Bless Midtro – JBX
19. Let Your Hair Down – Yvonne Fair
20. Seed of Love – Little Boy Blues
21. The Mascuarade is Over – David Porter
22. Darkest Lite – Lafayette Afro Rock Band
23. My Music – Samuel Jonathon Johnson
24. Get Into the Party Life – Little Beaver
25. 11th Commandent – Though Shall Not Talk Shit – AC
26. 3F What You Heard – A Tribe Called Tes

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Author: Lenny

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