Daily Toke: You’re just jealous because the little voices only talk to me

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I got serious business to take care of this week and what am I doing?  Blogging all night.  Ugh!!!  Well at least everyone will be entertained.  Here are some links for the day.  More will be coming later.

Send me your links over at sportfiends@gmail.com, if not then the hell with your links.  😛

Girls making out.  This just made my day.  [Holy Taco]

Ohhhh Mark Cuban’s in trouble now.  [Tech Crunch]

The Blogger MVP and ROY Awards.  [Hoops Addict]

The many gang signs of OJ Mayo.  [The Sports Culture]

The first all black high school rugby team.  [Steady Burn]

The 7 Funniest Black men of all time.  [COED]

Kellen Winslow’s wife can get it.  [Sportaphile]

UFC is a little gay.  [With Leather]

The top 10 boxing knockouts.  [Famous Kick]

I told you they get crunk in the south.  Here’s a fight in Dallas at the Jeezy show.  [Miss Info]

This prank is an instant classic, LoL!  [Double Viking]

One of these things isn’t like the other, but they are all sexy.  [On 205th]

Rosie Perez has a lot to say to Donovan McNabb.  [The World of Isaac]

Throwing like a girl may not be such a bad thing.  [Deadspin]

Neyo sung the national anthem at Nascar??? He must have made a wrong turn somewhere.  [Concrete Loop]

If your gonna rob a convenience store, this is the way to do it.  [Nextround]

Barack Obama’s appearance on 60 minutes Sunday. [2 Dope Boyz]

Some cheerleaders just can’t be good.  [You Been Blinded]

The 10 Most Blood Soaked Video Game Weapons.  [Spiked]

The 10 highest paid sports.  [US Open Golf Betting]

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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