Daily Toke: Everyone has that uncle you just can’t trust. Mine is Uncle Sam

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Here is an evening edition of the daily toke. I was behind all day today. I will be back to normal tomorrow.

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I like tits

A very funny yet very disturbing view of our Cross-Dressing Politicians

Fat guys need chicken to live

Runner Faceplants At Finish Line

Kobe Bryant Knows How To Shut Up Derrick Rose, Video

Exclusive: Megan Fox Poses Topless for Magazine

Hey look, a Gina Carano hand bra!

Fellow Weed Blogger Mike Cann vs Demented Rants

Living room boxing is awesome

“That Black Guy Better Be Kidding, Emiliy”

Fat Kid Should Make Fun Of Miguel Cabrera’s Jorts, Hooters Outfit

25 Sexy Cowgirls

Hot chick smells her butt crack

ESPN Debuts 30 for 30 With Mixed Results

UGA’s #1 Fan

Pool Playing Cuties Gallery

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