PM Toke: Got fired from my job at the Psychic Hotline. Didn’t see that coming.

I bet you wouldn’t mind paying a visit to Diznee World

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Why guys love social media…

The Exorcist: in 60 seconds, with clay

Chinese man had a knife stuck in his head for 4 years

24 types of pot smokers

I banged my stepsister, what now?

Because Islanders fan going faux blowjob on Penguins player is hilarious to Islanders fan

Can’t wait for the movies: Big Momma’s Like Father, Like Son starring Urkel

Facebook gets politically correct with its relationship status

Finally, The Rock has come back to wrestling!

Sofia Vergara 13 years ago: Still attractive

Arcade Fire hipster attack

Dead Island trailer (The new Awesome zombie FPS you NEED to see)

Blake Griffin is a great interview

New Bansky graffiti causes pathetic LA girl fight

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